Never really thought about gutter maintenance in your home? Guess it’s time to get your mind into the gutter and get those bad boys cleaned! Your gutters are one of the most crucial parts of your roof, and neglecting them can come with some pretty dire consequences.

In this post, the legends at Royce Roofing give you their top 5 reasons to get your gutters booked in for a solid once-over with a professional roofing service.

1) Prevents rusting

Good quality gutters are built to last. But that doesn’t mean they’re immune from the elements. Gutters are simple in design; they’re usually made of steel, which means they’re prone to rusting if over-exposed to water and oxygen.

If you don’t get your gutters cleaned out often enough, you can take your money off the Melbourne Demons winning their next game and put it on your gutters becoming rusted. That’s how much of a sure thing it is!

2) Prevents pipe blockage

On top of preventing rust, getting your gutters cleaned is the best way to prevent your pipes from blocking. You’ve seen what manages to find its way into your gutters, right? Leaves, bird feathers, branches and even man-made rubbish can wind up in your gutters over time… and you don’t have to be an expert to know that all of that stuff is bad news for your downpipes. Getting your gutters cleaned is far cheaper and less stressful than calling a plumber to fix your pipes.

3) Deters insects and pests

When water pools up on your roof due to blocked gutters, insects and pests see it as an invitation to one big, rent-free party. If you’re not too keen on possums, mice, mozzies and the rest of that crowd all making a home out of your gutters, it’s best to get them cleaned.

4) More affordable in the long run

Besides all that, it’s far more affordable to take care of your gutters by getting them cleaned professionally. Why? Because the alternative is letting your gutters rust, creating potential leaks in your roof and needing a gutter replacement. You do the math!

5) Presentability

And, moreover, clean gutters look great. Clogged gutters with grass and moss growing out of them are a huge eyesore… and being the houseproud person you are, you certainly don’t want to let them get to that stage!

Royce Roofing are Melbourne’s top team for all things above the ceiling. From ridge capping to restorations to gutter cleaning, the experts at Royce are highly trained across the board. Their gutter cleaning team will leave your gutters so spick-and-span, you’ll want to eat off them! Well, maybe that’s going a little far… but you get the point. Grab a quote from Royce Roofing and get your gutters going strong today.