Roof Restoration Service Across Melbourne Suburbs

7 Year warranty on all Full* Restoration Services.

Royce Roofing carries out anything from a small leak detection to major tiled roof restorations;

Whatever the project, we are there for you, having serviced Melbourne for over 8 years. Fully insured, highly regarded and committed service team, you can trust us with your property. Reach out to the team and we’ll be happy to go through available services and options for you.

Royce Roofing is 100% fully insured, with a team that boasts 300 years of combined experience. We know that every job is different, and treat your property like our own. Your roof can make a major difference to the appearance, the safety and the quality of your home, so choose the right team to service you. Call Royce Roofing today.

Our high quality services include the following;

Roof RestorationRoof Restoration

Rebedding & Pointing

Rebedding is the process of removing old mortar and existing ridge caps when they are old or damaged. This helps prevent moisture in your roof and thus build-up of mould, which can have an adverse effect on your property and your health.

When your old cement work starts to come away from your existing ridge caps after 24/7 weather conditions, you need Royce Roofing to replace that cement work with brand new structures. Once dried we apply flexible pointing, which is a waterproof sealant that prolongs the life of your cement mortar and improves energy efficiency.

Gutter Cleaning

Ensure your gutters a running smoothly. Build-up of debris and liquid can not only deem your gutters ineffective, but can also cause them to rust and turn brittle.

Using a no mess industrial strength vacuum we can get all the mess out of your gutters – whether its tile debris from a restoration or just your standard muck. Royce Roofing is your best roof repair service option as we have over 30 years experience fixing roofs.

Roof RestorationRoof Restoration

Roof Painting

A fresh lick of paint can increase the value of property and give the exterior a beautiful, brand-new finish. There are many competitors in this market but either way you need to make sure your getting what you pay for.

First of all, we start with a pressure wash of your roof – water coming out at 4000+ psi to get your roof back to its original surface. We use a 4 coat system on all tiles, 1 primer coat 2 base coats of full colour and 1 protect-ant coat to prolong the life of your newly painted roof.

We Also Do …

Roof Restoration Valley Replacement

When your valley irons become rusted out, they need replacing, and we would replace your valley iron with a brand new zincalume material designed for metal roof or terracotta tile, making your roof return to a watertight state. We also install storm seal along the sides of the iron.

Storm Seal

Bitumen like set foam that is waterproof and deters the water entering the roof cavity. Roof inspections should be carried out every year to make sure your Storm Seals are solid and make for quality roofing. No-one wants to be replacing roofs, anytime. So use our repair services on your ridge tiles or roof guttering.

Leak Detection

Fault finding leaks and fixing the problem – usually this can be due to a broken tile or watercourse which we replace to get things back to scratch for all types of roofing.

Safety Rail

Other companies hire a 3rd party to erect safety rail for your roof restoration, which can add to the original cost of your restoration project. Rest assured that we have our own safety rail, and by our Qualified team putting up our rail you will save time and money.

Pressure Washing

Both cement and terracotta tile roofs look a lot better when all the years of debris have been washed off (ideally painted). Our pressure washing service will get your tile roofs back to their pristine state.

A clean job is a good job

Nothing is worse than debris and mess left after a project completed. We treat your property as if it were our own so we take away all our roof related mess with us. Good as new!

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Roof Repairs

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my roof need restoration?

If you have found that the insulation of your home has changed, or if you live in an older property you may want to consider restoring your roof. Over time and in harsh weather conditions, elements of your roof can be impacted or diminished, and a refresh can make all the difference.

Is it better to repair or replace a roof?

Repairing your roof will likely be more cost effective depending on condition of your roof. It can restore the life of your roof for a few years, but if you have a fairly old property you will likely need to replace it eventually.

What about emergency roof damage?

If weather or accidents have caused damage to your roof and it need emergency repairs, please contact us on 1300 992 911 and we can discuss the best time to visit.

Can I restore my roof myself?

Working on your own roof might seem like a cost-effective option, but there are many risks associated with DIY. For your own safety and for the health of your home we advise that you get a professional to look at the problem.

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