Melbourne Shingle Roof repairs

A roof over your head is essential. It keeps you dry. It keeps you warm. It keeps the sun from burning you and the wind from blowing at you. Your roof asks little in return, but eventually, it may need some care. The people of Royce Roofing are here to help you and your roof.

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If your home has an asphalt shingle roof, it was built efficiently.  Asphalt roofing costs less than other roofing options and performs well for about twenty years. They are resistant to hail and high winds. These shingles come in a variety of colours and textures as well.

Asphalt shingle roofing is a relatively new invention. First used in 1903, they have become prevalent, as they offer a robust and attractive finish to any home. And are a popular roof covering because they are effective at protecting homes from the elements and have a low initial cost.

Unfortunately, if you are researching roofing repairs online, your roof isn’t doing so well at the moment. The elements have damaged it. The wind tore away a few shingles. The corners are curling. A handful of shingles cracked after becoming brittle with age. You have a leak, but you don’t know where it is. Algae and moss are causing premature ageing.

You may have detected some of the tell-tale signs of damage, but haven’t noticed any cosmetic problems on the exterior. If you have water entry, mould, or stains, it is the time to jump into action. As soon as you notice a problem with your roofing, it would be best if you repaired it as quickly as possible. Even minor issues can turn into widespread damage when ignored. By letting time go by, you may end up having far higher expenses when you do decide to repair or replace your asphalt shingle roof. Severe storms cause more damage to a neglected roof than one that home-owners have adequately maintained.

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You need to contact a roofing repair company, like Royce Roofing. We can help you assess the damage and find leaks. Then we will come up with a plan to keep your roof in shipshape.

If the damage to an asphalt shingle roof is widespread, that is about half the shingles are showing signs of wear and tear, we will probably advise you to re-roof. This is also the case if your roof is nearing twenty years. Repairs in these cases will end up being more expensive than simply replacing all of the shingles. Don’t worry, Royce Roofing will help you pick the right shingles for your new roofing. We will get the job done right, at a competitive price.

If only a few shingles require repairs, then our roofing specialists will quickly make these fixes. Our roofers will find evasive leaks. We will replace any missing or cracked shingles with new ones. Your roof will look like new.

The people here at Royce Roofing are here to help you repair your asphalt shingle roof. We don’t mind your questions, so don’t hesitate to fill out our “Contact Us” form here on the website or give us a call. We will get back to you quickly with the best solution for your roof.


Anton ErmakovAnton Ermakov
22:04 30 Nov 22
I bought prima and paint for my roof there. The product quality is awesome. Highly recommend.
Nikesh NanooNikesh Nanoo
08:35 22 Nov 22
Had my roof done in August and everyone was very helpful and friendly - it was a big job and fairly reasonable having obtained other quotes. Other companies also charge $$ for replacing tiles and other small items whereas RR included them.A few days ago, I heard a tapping sound coming from the ceiling and contacted Royce Roofing to have a look and see if they could fix the issue. They followed up with me and got someone to come out immediately. Upon checking, they discovered small cracks on two tiles which they replaced.Very happy with my experience from obtaining quote through to after sale warranty - highly recommended.
Jo MaJo Ma
04:36 25 Nov 21
It’s not easy to find good roofers; based on online reviews, we decided to try Royce Roofing. Hannah from Commercial Sales used a drone to provide us with evidence as to the state of our roof. Utilising this technology meant that we were able to see for ourselves the condition of our roof. Hannah was honest and straight talking and she kept us in the loop as to how long it would take for us to have our roof repaired.With all the storms Melbourne is experiencing; all roofers are flat out right now. It was worth the wait to get Dale to do our roofing repairs. Dale treated our place like his own and gave us excellent roof maintenance tips. Dale worked hard to complete our job in a time efficient manner whilst also doing a high quality repair. The outdoor area was hosed down and cleaned so that there was no damage to our plants/planter boxes below. Dale was polite, friendly and honest. Once again, photos were provided as evidence of the job Dale completed.The service provided from Royce Roofing from the receptionist, to sales, roofers and the accounts department is professional and attentive. The management of this company are obviously working hard to create a great environment for their team and are to be congratulated. Thanks Royce Roofing.