Some questions have pretty straightforward answers. How often should you brush your teeth? Twice a day. How often should you shower? Daily. How often should you buy that 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner stuff? Never, it’s terrible. But when asking how often you should repaint your roof, the answer is slightly more complicated.

The truth is, it’s not a matter of how often per se – it’s more a matter of when to do it. Here are a few signs that tell you when you should repaint your roof.

One factor that determines how often you should repaint your roof is the location of your home. Weather conditions have a great influence on how long your roof tiles or Colorbond steel sheets will last without needing a recoat. Boiling heat in the summer and torrential rain in winter both lead to the discolouration of your roof. And in many places in Australia, we’re blessed to have both. If your roof shows signs of discolouration, it may be time for a respray.

Moss and lichen
On older roofs, it’s common to find moss and lichen both on the surface of the roof tile and underneath. Moss and lichen are very good at clinging to your roof and eating away at the paint. While some cases may require a roof clean, often this isn’t enough. Respraying the roof after the removal of moss and lichen is one of the best things you can do to restore the quality of your roof.

Repainting your roof isn’t just a cosmetic procedure. It also helps to prevent damage like cracking and rusting in your tiles or steel sheets. Spotting signs of minor damage in your roof will also determine how often you should respray it. Getting this done as soon as possible will help to prevent bigger issues from occurring like leaks, which cost a lot more to repair.

So, how often should it be done?
Working out how often you need to respray your roof depends on all the factors mentioned above and a few others as well. There’s no set rulebook for how often you should repaint your roof and some roof businesses will give you different rules of thumb.

For example, some may say every 5 years while others may say every 10 to 15. But because it’s not something that’s done regularly, the best rule to stick by is to examine your roof every once in a while, and, if there’s something you’re unsure about, you should book in for a roof inspection.

The team at Royce Roofing are happy to inspect your roof and give expert advice on whether or not your roof needs a repaint. They guarantee exceptional service and the highest quality job, making your roof look as good as it did when it was built.