When it comes to replacing broken roof tiles, there are two ways of going about it. One way is to head to YouTube, watch a guy fiddle around for 20 minutes and not show you how to replace a broken roof tile, then trawl through another five long videos and still not know what the heck to do. This method is known as ‘DIY’, something which has, for some reason, taken off in the last few years.

There’s another way of doing it if the DIY method doesn’t quite appeal to you. That is to call a professional roofer who will arrive and take care of your broken roof tiles precisely and on time. There are a couple of other ways your roofer may handle broken roof tiles… and luckily, none of them will involve YouTube.

Repairing broken tiles

Some tiles may only be slightly damaged and appear to be easy to repair. In this case, your roofer will remove the broken tile, apply silicon to glue it back together, wait until it dries enough and reinstall it in your roof. This is a good option when only minor damage is present or when you don’t have spare tiles on hand. When done correctly, a tile repair can be very effective and last a fair while before it needs replacing.

Replacing broken tiles

Roof tiles break due to different reasons. As roof tiles get older, they become more and more affected by the elements like heat, rain and hail. This can cause damage in which they’ll need replacing. Or, maybe you live in the same street as Happy Gilmore and he launches golf balls at your roof regularly. In this case, they’ll also need replacing. How do you replace broken roof tiles? Call up an expert roofing team. They will inspect your roof, clean it thoroughly and set to work replacing whichever tiles are broken.

Roof restoration

Perhaps you have a few broken roof tiles, and your roof is looking a little shabby. In this case, a roof restoration may be the best option. This gives your entire home a brand-new look and adds longevity to the life of your roof. Your roofing company will clean your roof thoroughly, replace any old roof tiles that are broken and even respray your roof using high-quality paint. Roof restorations can add up to 15 years of extra life to your roof.

Replacing broken roof tiles shouldn’t involve stupidly long DIY tutorials that get you absolutely nowhere. Instead, they should involve calling an expert roofing company like Royce Roofing and letting the pros handle the task. Royce Roofing are specialists in all sorts of roof repairs and maintenance. Replacing broken tiles is a part of their everyday life. Call up Royce Roofing and arrange an inspection today.