Roof Tile Matching Service

Matching roof tiles can be tough work. How do you know you’re getting the correct tile? It’s not something as simple as buying a replacement tyre for your car. You can clearly see the size and type of tyre you need because it’s written on the tyre itself. Also, all tyres are black, so you don’t have to worry about getting the colour right. With roof tiles, it’s a bit more complicated. You have to know the material, profile, manufacturer and colour. That’s why a top-notch roofing team will be able to help you match your replacement roof tiles. Here’s how they do it:

Find out the material

Professional roofers can instantly identify the material of a roof tile. If your roof tiles are made of terracotta, they should be the same clay colour on the back of it. If your tiles are concrete, they may be a clay colour on the front, but a grey concrete colour on the back.

Identify the manufacturer

Narrowing down the manufacturer of the tile is another part of your roof tile matching service. Usually, the manufacturer of the tile will stamp their name in small print on the back. Popular brands include Boral, Clarke, Monier, Pioneer and a range of others.

Look at the profile

The profile refers to the shape of the tile which roofers develop particularly good eyes for spotting. Most tiles have a hump in the middle of the tile, with a flat stretch on either side of it. Your roof expert will measure the flat sections of your tile and compare it with others in the tile yard to find the right fitting tile.

Identify the most suitable colour

Tile colours aren’t always completely the same, even if they’re a general clay colour. Your roof tile specialist will compare your tiles against other tiles of the same manufacturer and profile and will visually assess the best match for you.

When choosing a tile-matching service, you should be looking for two things: an experienced team, and a wide range of tiles to choose from. This will ensure that the team has matched loads of replacement tiles in the past and have the knowledge to successfully match yours. The size of the tile yard is important because the bigger the tile yard, the more likely it is to find an appropriate replacement tile. Royce Roofing are your local experts for replacement roof tiles. They have a huge tile yard of over 250 pallets of tiles, so there’s a pretty good chance they’ll have what you’re looking for. Featuring both new and second-hand tiles, look no further than Royce Roofing. Visit their Mulgrave tile yard and speak to the team today.