Second-hand Roof Tiles

Second-hand things have a range of benefits over new things. You’re giving products a new life, sparing the resources of the environment and saving yourself a buck while you’re at it! In fact, we believe that second hand is the way to go for just about everything… apart from maybe underwear.

Roof tiles, however, are perfect for second-hand use. A good roofing business should have a tile yard full of new and second-hand tiles. Below, we’ll discuss some benefits of using second-hand roof tiles rather than buying new ones.

They’re cheaper

Part of the reason why we love second-hand roof tiles is because they’re cheaper than buying new ones. If you need to replace a few broken roof tiles, and you opt for second-hand ones, they can be considerably cheaper than a set of new ones and perform the exact same task.

They’re often just as good as new ones

If you buy from the right place, second-hand tiles are just as good as new ones. Maybe they’re not as aesthetically pleasing, but they certainly are just as sturdy when kept in good condition. Depending on how long they were in use for and how good their condition is, second-hand tiles can provide years and years of reliable use. That being said, it’s important to consider who you buy them from. It may be tempting to buy them off Dodgy Dave on Gumtree, but he’s not really a reliable source. He hasn’t been selling them for years and built a credible reputation around retailing second-hand roof tiles. A professional roofing business, on the other hand, ticks that box.

They’re environmentally friendly

Reusing products is always the more environmentally friendly way to go. When you reuse second-hand roof tiles, you give them a new life, save them from landfill and spare some of the earth’s resources. This means you can feel good about doing something for the environment while doing something good for your wallet at the same time.

Where to buy second-hand tiles?

Second-hand roof tiles, as discussed, should always be bought from a professional. A good roofing team will have a tile yard of loads of different tiles across a range of different materials. They should guarantee quality products at great prices. Who does this sound like? Royce Roofing.

Royce Roofing are your local specialists in all things roofing, including second-hand roof tiles. They’ve got a tile yard that boasts over 250 pallets of tiles, so you’ll be sure to find the right fit for you. Simply get in touch with the team at Royce Roofing, check out their tile yard and get them to make the installations.