As your local roof restoration company we are only a call away if any problems arise, Whilst we have a great track record of satisfied customers its great to have a team like ours just around the corner should you need our help, We have spent years and year sourcing the right materials and tiles to carry out your job, we aren’t wasting time trying to work out if we can get a job sorted.

Locals know the characteristics of roofs in your area

The roofs in each suburb have slightly different characteristics from the next. In the seaside suburb of Brighton, for example, there’s more humidity and pressure from the elements, which often leads to absorption and cracking of your roof tiles in the long term. Preston, on the other hand, can get really hot in summer due to the lack of tree coverage, taking an extra toll on your roof. Only a local roof restoration company with so many years of insider experience is able to know these things and apply them to your roof restoration.

Locals care about the community

A truly local business loves looking after their fellow locals as much as they can. They understand that the importance of developing a reputation for quality in the area, which starts with great work on local homes and hopefully spreads through word of mouth and reviews. Royce Roofing are all about going that extra mile for their local homeowners, treating your roof like it’s their own.

Local businesses need to work harder to earn their reputation

Your local roof restoration company needs to put in extra effort in order to earn their reputation. When you go to a Woolies, for example, you know exactly what to expect – you’ve been there a hundred times before and they’re everywhere. But when you choose a specifically local business like Royce Roofing, their team needs to prove to you that they’re worth coming back to in the future. A local roof restoration team can’t just count on being the best-known business in the market, like Woolies or Coles can: they need to earn it!

Royce Roofing are team of local professionals in roof restoration and can carry out any type of roofing solution you need. They’re Melbourne’s best team of roofers, offering re-bedding and repointing, tile replacements, valley iron replacements, gutter work, roof replacements and more. Royce Roofing have over 300 years’ combined experience in the field, so there’s absolutely nothing they can’t do. Get in touch with the legends at Royce Roofing for a competitively priced job of the highest quality.