There are a few easy things to do when your roof leaks:

  • Option 1: Panic, pack up your things and run as far away from your beloved home as possible.
  • Option 2: Buy loads of bubble-gum. Start chewing. Try to locate the leak and patch it up with the gum.
  • Option 3: Accept the leak. Tell your friends that it’s not actually a roof leak but a fashionable kind of shower. A living room shower. It’s very European.

While these options may be easy, none of them are good. Thankfully, there are a few steps you can take while you wait for a professional roofing company to inspect and solve your problem. Let’s take a look at what you should immediately do when your roof leaks.

1) Grab your stuff
The first thing you need to do when your roof is leaking is to grab your possessions to make sure they’re safe. Move anything that could be in the way of the leak including furniture, books and electronics to another room. If there’s too much to move and you don’t have enough space, cover it with tarps so that the water runs off your belongings.

2) Contain the water
It doesn’t matter how you do it, just as long as you contain the water coming from the leak in your roof. You could use a bucket, an ice-cream container or a really thirsty person. Actually, don’t use a person. If your roof is leaking badly, then you may need a second container to catch the water and switch them over when the first one is full.

3) Soak up any remaining water
Soak up as much water as possible using towels, mops or anything else absorbent in your home. Leaving floors wet can present a serious safety hazard, particularly on tiled floors and wooden floorboards. If the leak is affecting a carpeted area, you can try to use a hairdryer to dry out the wet patches. Turning on a fan is another useful trick as this helps to circulate air and dry out the affected area.

4) Call a professional
Now that you’ve done all that you can to prevent the leak from damaging your furniture and other parts of your home, it’s time to call a professional roofing company. Royce Roofing knows exactly what to do when it comes to leaking roofs. They’ve been solving roof problems in Melbourne for years and have the expertise to quickly and effectively fix all kinds of roof leaks. They’ll locate the source of the leak, explain to you how it happened and then set to work fixing it so that it never leaks again. Get in contact with Royce Roofing to fix your leaking roof today.