There are plenty of reasons why you might want to paint your tiled roof a different colour. You might think your roof is looking dingy, but doesn’t need a total roof restoration. You might want to make sure the tiles are well protected against extreme weather conditions, and aim to extend the life of your roof. Or you might just want to give your home a new and improved look.

All of these are great reasons for painting your roof tiles. But some still question whether this process actually works.

It’s kind of like that old debate about letting cold beer go warm and then refrigerating it again. Some people are convinced that this negatively affects the flavour of the beer, known as ‘skunking’. However, brewing experts will tell you that it’s not necessarily the temperature which affects the beer’s flavour, but rather it’s when the beer is exposed to light.

Here at Royce, we are experts in painting cement roofs; when it comes to Terracotta, we do our best to avoid painting over those sorts of tiles as the technology to paint over gloss and alike can be quite challenging.

Here’s our breakdown of steps to get the best result when having your roof painted,

1. Pressure cleaning the roof

You wouldn’t apply paint to anything with a dirty surface – whether we’re talking about the walls in your house, or a panel on your car. This is no different for your roof tiles. Your roofing company should give your roof a high-pressure clean before painting to help the paint adhere to the surface.

2. Replacing damaged tiles

No matter how stunning the paint job is, your roof won’t look good if there are still a few damaged tiles. The experts at Royce Roofing have a tile yard with over 200,000 in stock, we can remove and replace before starting the painting process.

3. The paint process

This is where some roofing companies will try to take advantage of their customers. Of course, it would be easier and cheaper for a roofer to apply just one coat of paint and call it a day. But that won’t result in a top-quality job and if we are going to put a warranty on our works, we want them to last! Royce Roofing apply a primer coat before painting, and then use two to three coats of paint in your chosen colour.

4. The quality of the paint

Another super important aspect of ensuring a lasting paintjob on your roof tiles. Make sure your roofers use great quality paint – ask them what brand of paint they’re going to use on your roof and do your research on it.

We hope this debunks a few myths and shows you what you need to know when thinking about painting your roof tiles. Repainting roof tiles a different colour is great for many different reasons, but it’s important to ask yourself, “Does my roofing company tick all these boxes?” Royce Roofing do.