You wake up one morning. You go outside to collect the paper. You turn around and look at your stunning terracotta tiled roof in admiration. You’re looking at your roof and notice that one of the tiles has broken. You ask yourself, “I wonder if I could replace it myself?” Some home repairs and maintenance are better left to professionals, Especially at heights.

Many hardware stores and online forums will tell you it’s easy to replace a broken roof tile yourself. They might even tell you to simply glue the tile back together using silicone… which, of course, you buy from their store. And while these options may seem tempting, neither of these are the best way to handle broken roof tiles.

The truth is that replacing roof tiles is very easy… but only if you get a professional who knows exactly what they’re doing.

Risks of your tiles not being properly replaced

If your broken roof tiles aren’t replaced properly, you’ll be facing a few bigger, more expensive problems. At the top of the list is water damage. When a tile is broken or missing, this exposes an area for water to infiltrate your roof cavity and the interior of your home.

This could likely result in rotting, mildew and ceiling damage which all cost a lot more to fix than hiring an expert to replace a few roof tiles. When you go with a professional like Royce Roofing, this problem is guaranteed to be avoided.

Safety concerns

Roof repairs present safety concerns, with the high number of accidents involving falling from a height. This is especially important to consider if your roof is steeply pitched or affected by moss and lichen which make it slippery to stand on. Roofing businesses have the proper equipment and experience to navigate these kinds of roofs. Even if you’re only replacing a couple of broken tiles, it’s still much safer to call up a professional.

Damaging other tiles in the process

Roofing companies are commonly called up for jobs that originally required a few tiles to be replaced but, after some attempted DIY, require a fair few more. Damage to other tiles can be sustained if you’re not walking on your roof correctly, or make an error in replacing a broken tile.

So, while the answer is: yes, roof tiles are easy to replace – it pays to make sure a professional is replacing them. It’s one of those things where the risk of not doing it properly doesn’t really pay off. Bigger problems caused by unsuccessful tile replacement, the safety concerns around falling from a height and breaking more tiles in the process are all reasons why roofing professionals like Royce Roofing exist in the first place.