When renovating, restoring or replacing any part of your house, somewhere along the line, you’ll be asking yourself how much the job will cost. For most people this question is right at the start when you’re deciding what kind of action needs to be taken with your roof.

When asking how much a roof restoration will cost, it depends on the roof. It’s a bit like asking how much it costs to service a car – it depends on the make, model, age and a variety of other factors.

The good news is: roof restorations are cheaper than entire roof replacements. But there are a few factors that will determine just how much your roof restoration is going to cost.

Roof cleaning

Cleaning dirt, mould, grime or any other kind of debris on your roof is a basic service which is included in your roof restoration, should it be deemed necessary.


Probably the first thing somebody notices when they’re looking at your roof is the colour and the condition of the paint. Painting your roof is a great way to give your home a new and vibrant look and, depending on the work that needs to be done, it doesn’t necessarily come at a hefty extra cost.

Tile and Colorbond steel replacements and realignments

You wouldn’t take your car in to get serviced and not replace the fan belt if it was found broken. Same goes with broken, crooked tiles or damaged sheets of Coloubond steel. Replacing these tiles or steel sheets will ensure that your roof performs the important tasks that it’s meant to do, like protecting your home from weather damage and keeping out pests.

The cost of replacing tiles depends on their age and style. For example, older tiles may be more difficult to find, and therefore be more expensive to replace. Just consult your roofing professional and they’ll be able to help you out.

Who’s doing the job?

It’s no secret that who you hire to restore your roof could greatly affect the total cost – even if they’re doing the same job! That’s why Royce Roofing are up front and honest with their ball park figures.

Average cost of roof restoration, non-painted: $2000-$3000
Average cost of roof restoration, painted: $4000-$6000 

Please note that these are average figures, and remember that every roof is different.

The cost of your roof restoration can be a tricky thing to work out, but once you consider all of these factors, and get an inspection and quote from Royce Roofing, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Maintaining your roof is one of those necessary costs, like servicing your car or going to the dentist – and putting it off will only cost you more money in the long run.