A storm has happened recently; you hear strange sounds coming from the roof; there’s a leak in the kitchen.

While this sounds like the start of a crappy horror movie script written by AI, it’s actually the start of something much, much more sinister… roof problems! *Dun, dun, duuun!*

 And the first thing you do when you’ve got roof problems is to call a professional roofing company for an inspection. But just how much is this going to set you back? Can’t you just download a free one? Like, I don’t know… ChatGPT or something?

Well, we’ve seen the quality of ChatGPT’s movie scripts, so we definitely don’t want to see what its roof work is like. But we, the team at Royce Roofing, can certainly help you with a quality roof inspection! Here’s a post on how much a roof inspection costs in Melbourne:

What is the average price of a roof inspection in Melbourne?

Roof inspections generally cost between $200-$400. Insurance providers, for example, often pay a flat rate of $300 for roofers to conduct a roof inspection. When compared with the potential cost of damage caused by roof leaks or other problems, this is a pretty affordable alternative!

What factors influence the cost of roof inspection in Melbourne?

Of course, not every roof will cost the same to inspect, and not every roofing company will charge the same amount. There a few factors that influence the price of roof inspections:

  • Size of the roof
    Take this as an example – a gardener charges more for big yards than he or she does for small yards, right? For roof inspections, the same principle applies. The bigger the roof, the bigger the job for the roofer. That’s why size plays a role in the cost of your roof inspection in Melbourne.
  • Company you choose
    Some companies’ roof inspections are simply more competitively-priced than others. Make sure the roof inspection company is legit before you book, however; a business that’s undercutting the market could be taking shortcuts in their roof inspections, which is certainly less than ideal. Read reviews of your roofing company and choose a highly-rated team like Royce Roofing!

Perks of getting a roof inspection

There are several benefits of getting a roof inspection from a professional:

  • Post-storm inspections to assess damage
  • Prevent leaks, or handle them before they cause costlier damage
  • Total homeowner peace of mind

Contact Royce Roofing for a roof inspection

Need a solid yet competitively-priced roof inspection in Melbourne? Just call the team at Royce Roofing! Our team of professional roofers diligently inspect your roof for damage, and quickly go about conducting repairs. We’re also Melbourne’s masters of roof cleaning, roof maintenance and roof restoration, too. Our 300+ years of combined experience as a team comes with affordable rates and friendly service to boot. Give us a call for a quick quote today!