Every aspect of our lives contains a range of costs associated with it. For phones and laptops, it’s usually the screen. For electric cars, it’s the battery. For our homes, it’s the partner and kids that live inside them!

But what about for our roofs? What is the most expensive aspect of a new roof, and how can you save money on it?

In this post, the team at Royce Roofing explain the most expensive parts of installing a new roof in Melbourne:

Labour is the biggest expensive of a roof installation

The most expensive part of a new roof is almost always the labour involved in actually doing it! Think about it – you’ve got a number of specialist roofers working on your roof, reconstructing it for a matter of days, and they all need to be paid a decent wage.

Other factors that affect labour cost

Labour, in itself, is affected by other factors of your new roof. These include:

  • Roof size
    Roof size and labour are usually correlated, given that larger roofs need more labour to complete.
  • Roof pitch
    The steeper the roof, the more dangerous and time-consuming it becomes for your roofers. A small roof with a steep pitch may end up costing more than a medium-size roof that’s flat, since it may take longer for your roofers to complete.
  • Time of the season
    Roofers experience seasonal changes in demand. Usually spring and summer are the busiest months, which may drive up labour costs.


After labour, your roof tiles are generally the second-most expensive part of a new roof. Given the sheer amount of roof tiles needed to cover the average roof, it’s no wonder why tiles are the largest non-labour expense. Tile price also depends on a few different factors:

  • Material
    Your material of choice is the biggest influencer on tile price. Asphalt tiles, for example, are significantly cheaper than premium-grade materials like clay and slate. But with a longer life expectancy and better energy efficiency, clay and slate are certainly worth their larger upfront costs.
  • Manufacturer
    Who’s making the tiles? If they’re made by a low-quality manufacturer overseas, they’re going to cost less than tiles made by a reliable Australian company. We recommend choosing an Aussie tile company, no matter which material you’ve chosen.

How to save money on a new roof

Want to know the best way to save money on a new roof? Choose a quality team of roofers who offer competitive rates – just like the legends at Royce Roofing.

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