Your partner has been telling you to replace those jeans for months. You’ve had them for years, they’ve got more holes than Swiss cheese and they’re more faded than a VS Commodore that’s never been garaged.

The most you’re risking by continuing to wear those old jeans is a wardrobe malfunction, and second-hand embarrassment on your partner’s behalf.

But when you fail to replace your roof tiles after an expert has told you to, you’re risking much, much more.

In this blog, the team at Royce Roofing explain when you should replace your roof tiles, outlining some key signs that the time has come.

  1. When you’ve got individual roof tiles that are broken or missing
    You might think that surely, if you’ve got a couple broken or missing roof tiles, a few bad apples won’t spoil the bunch. Well, they can and will. Like a worm eating its way through all those lovely apples, even one broken roof tile can expose your roof to leaks and huge, costly repairs.The best way to solve this is to call up your roofer and organise an inspection. Your roofing professional will carry out a detailed inspection of your roof, replacing roof tiles that are broken or missing.
  1. When you’ve got roof leaks
    Most of the time, a roof leak is due to a tile that isn’t doing its job properly. When a tile fails to divert rainwater off of your roof and into the gutter, the water pools up and seeps through the roof cavity, onto your ceiling. This is a tell-tale sign that you’ve got a roof tile or two that needs replacing.
  1. When you’ve got roof tiles that are deteriorating
    At some point or another, roof tiles deteriorate. If you’ve got a roof that’s over 50 years old, it’s likely that you’ll have some signs of deterioration. When your roof tiles are deteriorating, there’s no real other solution than to carry out a roof replacement.In some cases, where your roof is only showing early signs of deterioration, a roof restoration might be possible. This can be determined during a professional inspection by Royce Roofing.
  1. When you want a better quality material
    Unsatisfied with the quality of your current roof tiles? There’s nothing stopping you from making the switch to a better quality material which is more durable, more energy efficient and more reliable.

Got some roof tiles which you think need replacing? Contact the professionals at Royce Roofing. We’re Melbourne’s specialists in roof repair and tile replacement. Whether it’s one tile, several tiles or all of the tiles on your roof, our tile replacement service is the best in town, informed by our 300+ years’ experience as a team. Grab a quick quote and an inspection from Royce today!