Living in Australia, we’re lucky to have such a big focus on recycling. We’ve made it as easy as possible for everyone to recycle what they can, whether it’s cardboard boxes from an Amazon order or your beer bottles from Friday night drinks. Along with beer bottles, clothes and old furniture, roof tiles are another thing that can absolutely be recycled. There are a number of benefits of using recycled roof tiles, but there’s also a specific way to go about purchasing them. We’ll discuss both of these topics below.

Benefits of using recycled roof tiles

Environmental benefits

Recycling anything is good for the environment and roof tiles are no different. When you reuse second-hand roof tiles, you give them a new life, save them from landfill and spare some of the earth’s resources. It’s the perfect, easy way to do something good for the environment, earning you some great karma and saving you cash at the same time.

Cost-effective benefits

It’s no secret that recycled roof tiles are cheaper than new ones – just like recycled clothes from an op shop are significantly cheaper than new clothes. If you need to replace a few broken roof tiles, and you opt for second-hand ones, they can be considerably cheaper than a set of new ones and perform the exact same task. A professional tile yard, like the one at Royce Roofing, sells recycled tiles for as low as $1.50 a tile! Nope, not kidding!

They’re functional

When you buy from a professional tile yard, your recycled roof tiles won’t be on the way out, they won’t be dodgily glued back together and they won’t look like they’re in bad shape. Recycled roof riles from a professional retailer will be just as functional as new ones.

Where to buy recycled roof tiles

Make sure you buy your recycled roof tiles from an official roofing and tile business like Royce Roofing. They can help educate you on what would be the best option for your roof, They inspect the quality of the tiles, making sure they’re in good condition before pricing them to sell.

Luckily, at a professional retailer like Royce Roofing, you won’t have that problem with your recycled roof tiles. If you want to purchase or recycle your roof tiles, contact Melbourne’s expert roofing team at Royce Roofing. Not only are they specialists in recycled roof tiles, but roof restorations, tile resprays… the works! Grab a quote from the friendly team at Royce Roofing today and help the environment and your wallet.