Most of us find things becoming obsolete pretty frustrating. It seems to be a common feature of so many different goods and appliances. You buy a new dishwasher? It breaks down in 3 years. You buy a new phone? You can no longer use your old headphones. You buy a Holden Captiva? Well, good luck with that…

Roof tiles, on the other hand, are one of those few items that are still made to last you a long time. When it comes to fixing a broken roof tile, this is easy enough to do. We’ll talk about how roofing experts handle broken roof tiles and what they can do to fix yours.


Tile repairs are a normal part of a roofer’s job. If some of your tiles have cracked, your roofer can apply silicone to them as a way to glue them back together. This is a good option when you don’t have the exact spare tiles on hand and your broken tile is in a very visible part of your roof. When done correctly, a tile repair can be very effective and last a fair while before it needs replacing.


Some tiles are simply beyond repair and instead of using silicone to glue them back together, it’s easier just to replace the tile. A top roofing company should have an extensive tile yard with tiles to match your roof. Royce Roofing, for example, stock over 200,000 tiles. Replacing your broken roof tiles is more effective than fixing them, so if your tile is at the back of the roof, or in a low-visibility area, it’s a great option for you. Call up a roofing professional: they will inspect your roof, clean it thoroughly and set to work replacing whichever tiles are broken.


The next course of action for a roof with a few broken tiles is a roof restoration. If you’re experiencing leaks and are unhappy with the appearance of your roof, a roof restoration may be the best option. This gives your entire home a brand-new look and extends the life of your roof. Your roofing company will clean your roof thoroughly, replace any old roof tiles that are broken and even respray your roof using high-quality paint. Roof restorations can add up to 15 years of extra life to your roof.

Fixing broken roof tiles is a piece of cake for a professional roofing team. Royce Roofing are known as Melbourne’s leading roof experts, making sure your roof is in tip-top condition even when it’s simply a matter of a few broken roof tiles to fix. They put genuine care into their work, striving to get your tile repairs, replacements, restorations and resprays completed on time and to budget. Call up Royce Roofing for a quote today!