Your roof is the biggest protector of your home against the elements like wind, sun and rain. So, naturally, your roof tiles are going to need some TLC once in a while. The good news is: your concrete roof tiles can definitely be repaired, regardless of their state. Whether you need a few roof tiles to be repaired, or a larger scale job to be performed, a top-notch roofing company should easily be able to help you out. Let’s take a look at a few scenarios in which your concrete roof tiles need repairing and give you some solutions.

A few cracked or broken roof tiles

Concrete roof tiles may crack or break after years of exposure to the elements. This is perfectly normal and nothing to be majorly concerned about. While, if not handled in due time, these cracked concrete tiles can eventually lead to leaks, there’s a good chance your roofing team can prevent that from happen well before it’s too late.

Your roofing experts may choose to apply a silicone or roof cement as a way of repairing the tiles, extending their life as a functioning roof tile. Alternatively, it may be more effective to replace the concrete tiles with either new or recycled tiles. This is something you can discuss with your roofer.

Cracked concrete roof tiles, moss growing on them

Perhaps you’ve got more than just a few cracked concrete roof tiles and there’s a bit of moss and lichen (more common in terracotta tiles) affecting your roof too. In this case, your roofer may opt to pressure clean your roof so they can more clearly observe the state of your roof tiles. Not only will this allow them to do their job properly, but it’ll also result in a nice clean roof for you. Then, your roofer can decide whether to repair the concrete tiles or take further action.

Roof restorations

For concrete roofs that have seen better days, it may be best to go ahead with a full roof restoration. This includes pressure cleaning, tile replacement and repair and even a new paint job. Roof restorations are the best way to guarantee that your roof gets many more years of life and can carry on defending your home against rain, wind and sun. Talk to an expert roofing company like Royce Roofing to learn more about repairing concrete roof tiles with a restoration.

Don’t stress if you’re unhappy with the state of your concrete roof tiles. Simply call the team at Royce Roofing, who will let you know your options of repair. Royce Roofing are Melbourne’s leading roofing team, specialising in repairs, restorations, resprays and more. For an affordable service and the best quality results, contact Royce Roofing for a quote today.