Some cosmetic processes are there to improve appearances… but not all of them prove to be effective. If you’ve seen that show Botched, which is all about botched plastic surgery operations, then you’ll know exactly what we mean.

But if you’re talking about the cosmetic process of restoring your roof, then we’re all about it. In fact, a roof restoration won’t just make your house look better, but it’ll improve the structural integrity of your home too. The cosmetic and practical benefits of a roof restoration are pretty much countless.

It brings the rest of your house to life

For most homes, the roof is a clearly visible feature and one of the first things that gets noticed from street view. You could have a stunning home, but an old, shabby roof simply spoils its entire appearance. It gives your home the atmosphere of not being properly cared for, when we know this isn’t true. A new or restored roof, on the other hand, makes all of your house’s features stand out and come to life. The fresh colour and smooth surface of a restored roof highlights the due care you’ve given to other parts of your home, like the façade, windows and garden.

It gets rid of mould and mildew

Over time, mould and mildew has probably taken quite a liking to your roof. When restoring your roof, these nasty spots will be blasted off with a high pressure cleaner and then treated with an anti-fungus concentrate, ensuring a long-lasting cure for roof mould.

It protects your roof and extends its life

‘Looks aren’t everything’, as your partner may have reassured you once or twice. Just kidding. There are many more benefits to a new roof than simply cosmetic ones. A roof restoration protects your steel sheets or roof tiles, extending their life by many years. This spares you from the costly process of an entire roof replacement which, frankly, can be a right headache. Protecting your roof means you’re protecting the rest of your home, too! It prevents leaks in your ceiling and other threats to your home’s structure.

Added home value

And the final benefit, to seal the deal, is the fact that you never lose money on a roof restoration. If selling your home is something that might be on the horizon, then a new roof pays for itself by increasing the value of your home. So, you can feel secure in the fact that a roof restoration is a wise investment.

New roofs make any type of home look better. Contemporary townhouses, 1970s cream brick homes, art deco cottages… even igloos, if that’s where you call home! Get in touch with the team at Royce Roofing if you want the best roof restoration at a competitive price. They’re Melbourne’s finest team in the industry, with a combined experience of over 300 years in roofing.