If the bloke at the bottle shop accidentally drops a carton, and one can of precious brew starts leaking, it certainly is a bit of a shame. But he wouldn’t then go and throw the entire carton away, would he? He’d simply replace the one or two cans that need replacing, discount it to 50% off and then purchase the carton himself because he’s a legend. This analogy can be applied to roof tiles. If you’ve got a few broken ones, you don’t need to throw away your entire roof. You can simply replace the few roof tiles that need replacing.

Here’s what usually happens when you call a professional roofing team to replace a few roof tiles. You’ve got them up there anywhere, so they may as well run a few other checks for you too:

Inspect the roof

It would be pretty remiss of a roofing company not to check out the state of your roof while they’re up there. This way, they can find other potential issues and notify you about them. Once they’ve conducted a thorough inspection and you’ve got the low-down, that’s when they should start work.

Locate other tiles that need repairing

A lot of the time when you’ve noticed a few broken roof tiles, there’ll be a couple of others that need attention too. This could include tiles that have cracked slightly in which they can be repaired or tiles that have become quite damaged and need replacing. There wouldn’t be much point in calling your roofing company over for one individual roof tile and not replacing the others while they’re there. Not replacing the other tiles could risk larger problems like leaks and ceiling damage.

Inspect the gutters

When you’ve got a roofing team at your place to replace a few roof tiles, they should also check out your gutter situation. If your gutters have rusted or sustained damage over time, then it’s important to fix them. Gutters not only look bad and compromise the overall look of your home, but they are also a breeding ground for insects and other nasties. Taking a comprehensive look at your roof while your roofing team is at your place is a great way to prevent bigger problems from occurring.

So, when you need a few roof tiles replaced, don’t go with roofers who rock up, slap them on and go home: choose a team who goes the extra mile. Royce Roofing are known as Melbourne’s leading roof experts, making sure your roof is in tip-top condition even when you’re just after a few roof tile replacements. They put genuine care into their work, striving to get your tile replacements, restorations and resprays completed on time and to budget. Call up Royce Roofing for a quote today!