Unlike other parts of your home, the roof isn’t typically a place where you’d regularly check or maintain. Many of us would tend to think that roofs are just set and forget. While roofs are built to be very durable, they do sustain a bit of wear and tear over time. Here are a few general signs of wear and tear on your roof and what you need to do about them.

1) Leaks
Leaks are one of the most obvious signs that your roof has had some wear and tear. Even in drier months, you can spot potential leaks if you can see light penetrating through to the inner roof cavity. If this is the case, it’s best to contact a roofer to address the leak before the rainy season.

2) Damaged roof tiles and other areas
It’s important to check your tiles or steel sheets for any obvious signs of wear and tear. Take a look at the condition of your roof. Are there any cracked or broken tiles? Any rusted steel sheets? These can lead to leaks in your roof, causing you bigger problems in the future. It’s also important to check for deterioration around other areas of your roof. Vent pipes, chimneys, whirlybirds and gutters are all areas of your roof that can show wear and tear over time.

3) Peeling paint
More than just a cosmetic issue, peeling paint on your roof is another sign of wear and tear. A good paint job helps protect your roof from weather conditions, and if the paint is peeling off, it won’t be able to do its job properly. Hiring a professional to repaint your roof is a great way to combat this sign of wear and tear.

4) Sagging
Sagging is another obvious sign of wear and tear on your roof, which should be dealt with as soon as possible. A roof deck that is sagging could present a great safety risk and it’s best to contact an expert like the ones at Royce Roofing for an inspection immediately.

5) Unusually high energy bills
This sign of wear and tear on your roof is much less noticeable, so it’s important to be aware of it. If your electricity bills have been rising steadily (especially if you use heating and cooling frequently), your roof may be leaking air, causing your heating and cooling system to work harder to maintain a steady temperature. Take note of your energy bills and whether this could be an issue for you.

All roofs sustain some general wear and tear over time and we hope this post helps to outline the first signs of it. If any of these apply to you, it’s best to get an inspection done ASAP. Royce Roofing provide affordable and diligent services across all roof repairs, from painting to entire roof restorations. Contact the experts at Royce Roofing for a quote today.