Most things in life will need replacing after a good number of years of use. Yep, even your Nanna’s 1987 Nissan Pulsar, which she only used to drive to church and back, will one day cark it and need replacing… although it seems like it’ll go forever. Roof tiles are remarkably easy to remove and replace. You just call a professional roofing team, let them inspect your roof for you and then they’ll set to work, replacing the necessary roof tiles. You may be wondering: can’t I just do them myself? Unless you’re an experienced roofer, it’s probably not the best idea. Let’s take a look at some reasons why it’s best to use a roofer to remove and replace your roof tiles.

Inexperience could lead to further damage

If you’re not an experienced roofer, you could be risking further damage to your roof when you attempt to remove and replace roof tiles. Sure, you could have a ‘YouTube degree’ in tile replacement, but when compared to a professionally trained roofer with years of experience and the right equipment, there’s far more chance of something going wrong if you attempt it yourself. If that’s the case, then you’ll need to call a professional roofer anyway which will end up costing you more to fix the further damage you caused. Skipping the DIY nonsense prevents this scenario from occurring.

Roof work is dangerous

Roof work isn’t a walk in the park: quite the contrary. It’s a hazardous step-by-step procedure that involves steep pitches and heights – not a great combination when it comes to safety. Roofers are trained to walk on and work on these uneven surfaces, minimising their chance of having an accident. If you’re not an experienced roofer, it’s definitely best to leave removing and replacing tiles to someone who does it every day. After all, a life-threatening injury isn’t worth risking for any amount of money you’re trying to save.

It’s harder than it looks

While it’s easy for an experienced roofer to remove and replace roof tiles, it’s not so easy for the rest of us. You need the right equipment and training to do it. If you attempt to do it yourself, and it results in a patchy or scrappy looking job, you’ve taken two steps back. You’ve taken even more steps back if this patchy job results in roof leaking which is common when tiles aren’t properly secured.

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