Some things simply get better with age. Vintage cars, wine, old buildings and Helen Mirren are all things that, no matter how old they get, they keep getting better. Old roof tiles, on the other hand, aren’t quite in this category. They’re more likely to break or get damaged as they get older, presenting you with headaches. Thankfully, there are a few different ways to deal with old roof tiles. Replacement and restoration are two options that we’ll discuss below.

Replacing broken tiles

Old roof tiles are more likely to sustain damage than new ones. This is a fact of life: the older anything gets, the more fragile it becomes. Think about people, cars, houses – basically anything. As roof tiles get older, they become more and more affected by the elements like heat, rain and hail. This can cause damage in which they’ll need replacing. How do you replace old, broken roof tiles? Call up an expert roofing team. They will inspect your roof, clean it thoroughly and set to work replacing whichever tiles are broken.

Roof restoration

If your tiles are older, but not old to the point that you need a new roof, you can look into the option of a roof restoration. This saves you from replacing all your roof tiles and gives your entire home a brand-new look. Your roofing company will clean your roof thoroughly, replace any old roof tiles that are broken and even respray your roof using high-quality paint. Roof restorations can add up to 15 years of extra life to your roof and are a cost-effective way to manage roofs that are slightly old.

Roof replacement

Your roof tiles may all be pretty old and may not respond well to a roof restoration. In this case, it may be a safer option just to replace your roof entirely. It will be a more expensive option, but there wouldn’t be much point in trying to restore a roof if it’s truly on its last legs. If you conducted a roof restoration on a roof like this and two years later it began to crack away, you’d have to then spend more money on a roof replacement. Therefore, it’s better to bite the bullet and replace the roof in the first place. This option is for roofs that are really old and most of the tiles are in poor condition.

This should clear up your queries on how to replace old roof tiles. Really, it all starts with one simple step: calling Royce Roofing for an inspection. From there, the experts at Royce will assess your roof and tell you the best way of handling your old roof tiles. Whether it’s the replacement of a few broken tiles or an entire roof replacement, the specialists at Royce Roofing will be able to perform the job diligently, on time and to budget. Call up Royce Roofing for an inspection and quote today.