In the past, restoring your roof was a bit of a headache. There were all these products that said they’d work perfectly but, the truth is, they could often be problematic. You’d get your roof ‘restored’ and then find, a couple years later, it would start peeling and flaking and stress you out.

These days, roof restoration coatings have come a heck of a long way. The product innovation and formula improvements mean that sealants and coatings do what they’re meant to: if you’re using a top quality product like the Dulux Acratex range. Let’s find out more about this range below!

Acratex Prep Treat

Acratex Prep Treat is the ideal algae and fungus mark remover, used on blemishes created by mould and mildew after having blasted it off with a high-pressure cleaner. This stuff treats your roof for the residual fungal and algal bacteria, meaning it prevents spoilage from spores held within the substrate pores. This provides a long-lasting treatment for nasty mould and mildew blemishes.

Acratex Roof Primer MX

For restorations of metal roofs, Dulux Acratex Roof Primer MX is used religiously. This is a water-based roof prep coat which primes the coating of metal roofs. It’s easy to apply, easy to clean up and makes your roof shine when it’s resprayed. Make sure your roofing team uses a quality metal roof primer like Dulux’s before setting foot on your roof.

Acratex Roof Membrane Satin/Gloss

The Acratex Roof Membrane is a staple when restoring both metal and concrete tiles roofs. This membrane acts as a protective coating for your roof, giving it more flexibility in order to handle expansion and contraction, which occurs as the temperature rises and falls. Without a high grade roof membrane, your roof paint could flake or peel… which is certainly not what we want when restoring roofs. The innovative new formula from Acratex Roof Membrane comes in both a satin and gloss finish.

Acratex Roof Sealer SB

Acratex Roof Sealer Solvent Based is like holy water for powdery, weathered concrete roofs. This winning formula can save even the chalkiest of concrete roofs, deeply penetrating the gaps and binding friable concrete tiles. It also acts as a primer, making your roof shine when you go to apply the layers of paint.

Acratex Roof Sealer WB

This water-based roof sealer is for concrete roofs that have dense, sound surfaces after cleaning: not when the surface is powdery. It’s excellent at penetrating the surface and priming your roof for the topcoat.

Now that you’re an expert on the Dulux Acratex range of roof restoration coatings, it’s time to call another expert to apply them for you! Royce Roofing are Melbourne’s specialists in roof restorations, using only the finest products to effectively restore your roof, making it look brand new once again. Offering a superior service at competitive rates, Royce Roofing are here to make your day. Grab a quote from the team today!