Dulux have always been known for their high performance roof coatings. For almost 100 years, Dulux have been providing top level paints, primers and other coatings for a huge range of applications. Their performance roof coatings are something of a religious symbol for experienced roofers like Royce Roofing, who understand that quality products are one of the keys to superior craftsmanship. We’ll go through some of the roof coatings offered by Dulux and explain why your roofing team should only be using high end roof coatings.

Dulux Acratex Roof Membrane Satin/Gloss

If you’re thinking of getting a roof restoration done, then you can prepare to see a whole lot of this. The Acratex Roof Membrane is a staple when restoring both metal and concrete tiles roofs. This membrane acts as a protective coating for your roof, giving it more flexibility. This is key to combatting expansion and contraction in varying temperatures, which can cause cracking and flaking in your paint. The innovative new formula from Acratex Roof Membrane comes in both a satin and gloss finish.

Acratex Roof Primer MX

Another quality performance product in the Dulux Acratex range is their Roof Primer MX. This is a water-based roof prep coat which primes the coating of metal roofs. It’s easy to apply, easy to clean up and makes your roof respray look absolutely fantastic. If you have a metal roof and are about to respray it, make sure your roofing team has a bucket or two of this stuff before you give them the green light.

Acratex Roof Sealer SB

Got a concrete roof that’s weathered and powdery? Have no fear! Acratex Roof Sealer Solvent Based is here. This winning formula can save even the chalkiest of concrete roofs, deeply penetrating the gaps and binding friable concrete tiles. It also acts as a primer, making your roof shine when you go to apply the layers of paint.

Acratex Prep Treat

If you have a roof that was plagued with algae before blasting it off with a high-pressure cleaner, then you’ll need some Acratex Prep Treat before sealing and coating. This stuff cures your roof of the residual fungal and algal bacteria, meaning it’ll prevent spoilage from spores held within the substrate pores. This way, you won’t have to worry about those nasty spots coming back to haunt you.

Acratex Roof Sealer WB

This water-based roof sealer is for concrete roofs that have dense, sound surfaces after cleaning: not when the surface is powdery. It’s excellent at penetrating the surface and priming your roof for the topcoat.

All of these products should be present when your roofing team arrive to start the restoration. And if they’re not, then you haven’t called Royce Roofing! As Melbourne’s restoration experts, Royce Roofing use only the best performance roof coatings. They get the job done to the highest standards and offer competitive prices, so grab a quote from the team at Royce today.