Like that B-grade radio hit sung by Chris Brown and Jordin Sparks, we roofers often ask, ‘How am I supposed to breathe with no air?’

We’re not talking about recharging that awfully cheap vape you bought from that less-than-legitimate deli on the corner – we’re talking about your roof’s ventilation.

Most homes need proper roof ventilation. Having a well-ventilated roof helps with everything from increased roof life expectancy to better climate control. Here’s why your home needs good roof ventilation, brought to you by the legends at Royce Roofing!

Heat control

The Aussie summer. Everyone loves it, right? Beers, barbecues, beach hangs. It’s a great time for all – apart from your roof. Without proper ventilation, roof spaces can reach temperatures of up 70 degrees Celsius. This has a direct effect on the temperature of your home too – it takes a lot more for your AC to keep the house cool when there’s a literal furnace right above it.

Roof ventilation replaces all that hot air with a cool breeze, making it easier for your climate control to keep the house cool.

Condensation and mould

Where there’s little air flow, there’s more condensation. And where there’s more condensation, there’s mould! You wouldn’t believe the roof spaces we’ve seen in our time. Some of them look like they were used as sets in horror films. Mould can quickly develop in roof cavities that aren’t ventilated. Not only does it cost a motza to fix the damage caused by mould, but it’s also a major health risk. Inhaling mould fragments can cause prolonged coughing, wheezing and even bronchitis.

Don’t risk a mould attack by leaving your roof space unventilated – call the team at Royce Roofing to get some air in there!

Extending the life of your roof

Roof ventilation helps to extend the life of your roof. Like we mentioned, when there’s little air flow, your roof space is at risk of condensation which can rot your roof and your ceiling. It makes little sense to spend $200,000 or more on building a house but then skimping out on roof ventilation, which extends the life of your roof and ceiling!

Roof ventilation at Royce Roofing

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