Finding the roof of your dreams is more difficult than it seems. Sure, it’s got a lot going for it, but how do you know it’s the one? Is it committed enough? Strong and supportive enough? Does it like long, romantic walks on the…

Seems like we’re getting carried away here. But looking for the right roof when you’re buying a home is seriously like looking for a partner – after all, you’re likely going to be with it for many years to come.

Although it’s hard to spot red flags in a relationship sometimes, it’s a lot easier to spot red flags in your roof. Here’s what to look for in your roof when you’re house-hunting:

Age and material of the roof

The age and the material of your roof are the first thing to get to know when looking at a new house. Different roof materials have different life expectancies. A slate roof that’s 20 years old has still got plenty of life in it – they can see out a century with the right care. A tin roof with 15 years on it, by contrast, is a different story! Make sure your roof has sufficient amount of years on it before making an offer on the house.


Be sure to look out for roof leaks when you’re buying a home. A roof leak is tricky because it can indicate a small, quick fix or a much bigger problem at hand. Take a thorough look at the walls and ceilings and check for any air or water pockets, bubbling, paint fade, etc.


If a roof has recently been restored, it can be a plus, or it can be a minus. If the restoration has been carried out by a professional, reputable team like Royce Roofing, then this is a positive. But if it was left in unprofessional hands, you might find that the restoration is merely cosmetic and fades off after a matter of months. If a roof restoration has recently been done, ask the owners who did it and do a little research on the roofing company.

Missing tiles and ridge capping

If there are a concerning number of missing tiles in the roof or if the ridge capping is in poor condition, it could indicate bigger problems like roof leaks later down the track.

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