Looking to restore your roof? It’s one of the best things you can do for your home. Added home value, guaranteed roof protection and saving you from the cost of an entirely new roof are all benefits of a roof restoration. If you’ve done a bit of research of roof restorations already, you might have come across the term ‘roof membrane’. We’re going to explain roof membranes in this article, and outline the reasons why you should always use a trusted, quality brand like Dulux.

What is a roof membrane?

A roof membrane is a coating that’s applied to your roof in order to protect it from the elements of wind, sun and rain. It’s designed to be applied to metal and concrete roofs which are about to be restored.

What does it do?

When your roof is heated and cooled by differing outside temperatures, it expands and contracts accordingly. Without a quality roof membrane, the paint on your roof could crack or peel. Roof membranes are incredibly clever in design – they move with the expansion and contraction of your roof, allowing for flexibility. This prevents your roof paint from flaking or peeling and protects it from the weather.

Dulux Acratex roof membrane – why it’s so good

The hype around Dulux Acratex roof membrane isn’t just a marketing ploy – there’s real science behind its reputation as a fantastic quality roof membrane. What you’re looking for in a roof membrane is elongation and tactile strength. These qualities are achieved when a product has a high level of Dry Film Thickness. Where your regular coat of low-film paint contains an average of 25 microns of Dry Film Thickness, Dulux Acratex contains 66 microns of Dry Film Thickness per coat. This is almost three times the amount of paint, making Dulux roof membrane a much more flexible and strong material than your regular coat of paint.

Dulux Acratex roof membrane is also much more effective at transmitting water. This membrane has a breathable quality, which allows water vapour to escape from the substrate without becoming trapped in the coating.

Choose a roofer who uses Dulux Acratex

It can be a tricky question to ask, but you must make sure that your roofer uses a Dulux roof membrane or a similarly high-quality coating. Otherwise, your roof could be at risk of peeling and flaking within a matter of two or three years – a situation that is less than ideal, given the cost of a roof restoration.

Royce Roofing, with a combined experience of 300 years amongst the team, know that using quality products is one of the keys to durability craftsmanship. That’s why their roof restorers always use high grade membranes and paints when working on your roof. To make sure your roof looks great for years to come, contact Royce Roofing for a top-level roof restoration today.