Some renovations just seem like they’ll never end. The job starts off well, but then things quickly start to crumble: the materials get delayed, your partner changes their mind, the tradies stuff up a job… and all of a sudden, you’ve been using your laundry as a kitchen for six months.

Relax: your roof restoration will never take that long to complete. Today, we’re going to look at some of the things that are involved in a roof restoration and tell you about how long they usually take to complete.


First, your roofing professionals have to assess what needs to be done to your roof. Here, they’ll spot any cracks, holes, dents or any other breakages that need to be fixed. They’ll also look for leaks in the underlying deck, rust and mould, or any other issues that need urgent attention.


After your roofer has done a thorough inspection of your roof, they’ll discuss costs and give you a quote. Make sure that this is done in writing; Royce Roofing are always happy to provide written quotes. This is when your roofing specialist will break down the cost of each task to be performed, and how long it will take.

Roof restoration process:

This is the general gist of what roof restorations look like, and how long each step will take. Don’t forget, some roofs are larger and steeper than others, meaning they might take a bit longer to complete.

  • Cleaning: 1-2 Days
    Before work gets done, the roof has to be cleaned. This gets rid of the grime, dirt, trapped leaves and tennis and cricket balls from yonks ago that are commonly found on roofs. Your whirlybirds, skylights and solar panels are cleaned in this process too.
  • Repairing: 1-2 Days
    This is where your roofing team will carefully replace any broken tiles, take care of degraded bedding, repoint tiles and anything else to make sure your roof gets back to A1 condition.
  • Repainting: 1-2 Days
    We highly recommend repainting your roof to make it look sparkling and new again. Your roofing company should apply a layer of primer and two to three coats of paint. Royce Roofing always stick to this method, proven successful each and every time.

Total: 3-7 days
See what we mean? You won’t have to worry about living without a roof when you get a roof restoration… unlike the very real chance of going without a bathroom or kitchen for weeks or months when you renovate those areas of your home. Royce Roofing make sure the job gets done on time and to budget. They’re Melbourne’s premier roof restoration team, with literally hundreds of years of combined experience. Get a quote from the guys at Royce today!