With any kind of renovation, we want the result to last us a fair while. That’s why, when choosing a new dishwasher, you went with a solid European or Aussie brand, and not that dodgy looking thing you found on Wish.com for about $49 new. And if you did buy that 49-dollar dishwasher, you then immediately found out it was a quicker way to burn a pineapple than feeding it to the pokies on a Friday night.

Roof restorations are not like that mysterious, no-brand dishwasher: they last a long time, most commonly between 15-20 years, but even as long as 30 years with the right care and maintenance. Here are some factors that influence how long your roof restoration lasts for:

Weather conditions

Roofs in Australia have their work cut out for them. With our extreme weather conditions, like torrential rain in Far North Queensland, or blistering heat all year round in Alice Springs, roofs can expect a tough life. We’re lucky here in Melbourne – the temperature is a lot more mild and roof restorations will often last longer here than other cities.

Condition of roof

Sure, your roof restoration might be able to last 15-20 years if your roof is in passable condition before the restoration takes place. But if you’ve got a clay roof that’s 70 years old, a roof restoration may not be able to extend the life of the roof to its full extent.

The same goes for other roofs, like Colorbond steel. If your roof is covered in rust and is well and truly on the way out, a roof restoration may not last as long as you’d like.

Who you choose

We’ve got a couple rules for choosing a roof restoration company if you want a lasting restoration: 1) Don’t hire the cheapest team purely because they’re cheap and 2) don’t hire off of Gumtree or Facebook. It’s important to choose a reputable roof restoration business, who have expert roof painters and use the right techniques and equipment to get your roof looking grouse. Royce Roofing are the team for the job!

How long can a roof restoration last?

To give you a rough estimate, roof restorations, if performed correctly, can last up to 15-20 years or even 30 years depending on conditions. That’s incredibly good value when you weigh up the cost of a roof restoration, the increased value of your home and the longevity of restoring your roof.

Royce Roofing have established themselves as Melbourne’s leading team for roof restorations. Having conducted countless restorations on Melbourne roofs, resulting in countless happy homeowners, Royce Roofing guarantee a professional service, an affordable price and a lasting roof restoration. Grab a quote from the team at Royce Roofing today.