Sometimes, life can give us some pretty rude wake-up calls. And we’re not talking about the fact that your teenage daughter set your morning alarm as Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off, which you can’t be bothered changing back to the usual robot sounds. We’re talking about something a bit more serious: noticing a leak in your roof.

If you’ve noticed a roof leak, this could mean a few different things. One of those is that your roof needs repointing. Let’s take a look at the basics of roof pointing and learn why you should always use a high-quality membrane like the Dulux brand.

What is roof pointing and what is its purpose?

Roof pointing is the cement that’s applied to the edges and lines of your ridge capping in order to protect it from the elements. It’s usually achieved by applying a membrane to the ridge capping. This membrane is specifically designed to expand and contract when your roof is heated and cooled by differing outside temperatures. Without a quality roof membrane, the paint on your roof will crack or peel, possibly allowing water into your roof cavity. Roof membranes are pretty amazing, as they move with the expansion and contraction of your roof, allowing for flexibility.

Roof pointing using Dulux Acratex

If your roof needs repointing, you’d better make sure your roofing team uses a high quality roofing membrane like Dulux Acratex. It’s by far one of the best pointing materials on the market, offering supreme flexibility and strength. This is due to its high level of Dry Film Thickness. Where your regular coat of low-film paint contains an average of 25 microns of Dry Film Thickness, Dulux Acratex contains 66 microns of Dry Film Thickness per coat. This is almost three times the amount of paint, making Dulux roof membrane a much more flexible and strong material than your regular coat of paint.

Dulux Acratex roof membrane is also much more effective at transmitting water, which is one of the sole purposes of roof pointing. It’s breathable, which mean that vapour won’t get trapped in the membrane, causing it to crack.

Choose a roofer who uses Dulux Acratex

Always make sure that your roofer uses a Dulux roof membrane for repointing or a similarly high-quality coating. Otherwise, your roof could be at risk of leaking, causing further damage to your home.

Don’t let life throw curve ball at you. Get in touch with a top quality roofing team if you need repointing. The guys at Royce Roofing know that using quality products is well worth it. That’s why their roof restorers always use high grade membrane when repointing your roof. To extend the life of your roof, contact Royce Roofing for a top level roof restoration today.