Before you choose any kind of contractor, you’ve got to ask them the hard-hitting questions to figure out if they’re right for the job. Sure, you can ask them whether they keep sauce in the fridge or the cupboard, or what their favourite Pink Floyd album is, but neither of these questions will elicit a response that shows their capability for the job. Your roofing contractor should be happy to answer all 10 of the questions below… and if they aren’t, then it’s a serious red flag!

1) How long have you been in business?

Asking for how long they’ve been around is a good place to start. Choose a contractor who has many years of experience and whose business has been around for at least five years.

2) Can I see some examples?

A roofing business which is established and experienced should have a range of good examples of their work to show you. They should be proud to show off their quality workmanship.

3) What training do your current team members have?

Sure, the examples they show you from a few years back may seem great – but what about now? Who’s going to be conducting the work on your roof and what training have they had?

4) When can you commence work?

Timing is everything with roofing. If you’ve got a seriously leaking roof then you need immediate attention. If you’re looking at a more long-term restoration, then it may not be so urgent.

5) How long will it take?

Make sure you ask how long it will take your roofing contractor to do the job. Otherwise, you might fall prey to lazy, time-wasting roofers – which don’t exist at Royce Roofing!

6) Licensing, certification and insurance

Always check whether your roofers have the proper licensing, certifications and are insured when they work on your roof.

7) What safety measures are taken in the interests of my home?

Roofing isn’t just a high-risk job for the roofers – it can also present a hazard to your property if your roofers aren’t careful enough. Roof tiles falling on cars, roofers falling through roofs and breaking gutters… these are the horror stories you might have heard of.

8) Can you provide a written quote?

Always get a quote in writing so that you have solid proof of it. Verbal quotes can always be subject to change.

9) Will you be checking for leaks and other damage while you’re up there?

A good roofer should always check for other signs of damage while inspecting your roof. This way, the issues can be solved before they get out of hand.

10) How is payment handled?

Sort out an appropriate way to make payment.

Royce Roofing are Melbourne’s finest team of roofing contractors and they’re happy to answer all of the questions above. Contact the team today.