We get what you’re thinking. A roof is just a roof, right? They’re all kind of the same, even if they look a little different?

Well, yes… but actually, no. Sure, they have the same purpose of protecting a building from the elements but, while most residential roofs are all pretty similar to one another, they differ greatly to commercial roofs. Let’s take a look at how residential and commercial roofs differ from one another and why you should always choose a roofing company that’s experienced in both.


We all know what a residential roof looks like. It’s angled, has tiles, and maybe a chimney, air con unit and solar panels too. That’s pretty much all there is to it on the surface. Commercial roofs can be a lot more complicated. There are multiple obstructions like air flow systems, external piping, solar panels and more. The structure of residential and commercial buildings are almost polar opposites.


Common materials for residential roofs are concrete tiles, clay tiles, slate tiles and Colorbond steel sheets. Commercial roofs are a whole other world. They’re usually completely flat and either made from a concrete membrane or metal. This allows roofers to easily work on commercial roofs when installing or repairing the many other systems located on the roof, like HVAC units and external pipes.


Residential roofs come all sorts of different pitches: from the flat, Californian villa style of roof, to the pointy ones that look as though they belong in the Netherlands countryside. If commercial roofs had pointy-pitched roofs like these, it’d be mighty inconvenient and quite dangerous for your roofers. Working on these roofs take a lot longer, with added safety precautions being necessary. That’s part of the reason why commercial roofs are usually completely flat.


Unless you live in a house like Jeffrey Bezos’s, a residential roof is usually going to be smaller than a commercial one. Commercial buildings like warehouses and museums can span across tens of thousands of square feet, with many HVAC units and external pipes. Residential roofs are never this big.


The cost of installation and repairs tends to be higher for commercial roofs than for residential roofs, due to the list of factors we’ve discussed in this post. If you’re looking for expert commercial roof repairs and installation, talk to the team at Royce Roofing.

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