So, for whatever reason, the care of your old roof slipped by the wayside a little. Maybe it was all the doing of the previous homeowners and you’ve simply restored or replaced the roof. Or perhaps, you got a little complacent with the TLC of your roof… either way, you don’t have to tell us – we’re not here to judge. What we are here to do, is tell you how not to repeat that mistake. Maintaining your new roof is the best way to ensure it lives a long, healthy life and continuous to defend the rest of your home from the elements.

Clean the gutters

Having your gutters cleaned is essential. They can’t do their job properly if they’re jammed up with leaves and other crap which that one pesky magpie keeps dropping on your roof. Blocked or dirty gutters can allow water to pool up and seep into your ceiling or create a breeding ground for insects. Call up a professional roofing service to give your gutters a lasting clean.

Get rid of leaves, pine needles or anything else

If you have a relatively low-pitched roof with a tree or two hanging over it, then you’ll need to take care of the natural debris before it’s too late. Leaves and pine needles trap moisture and decompose, allowing for the growth of moss – which was probably one of the reasons you restored your roof in the first place.

Blast the moss

Moss and algae love roofs, but you might not love moss and algae. Having your new roof treated for moss and algae is definitely something to consider. You can also call a roofing professional to pressure clean your roof if you spot moss and algae growing.

Trim branches

Branches… the bane of any home-owner’s existence! A great way to nip this issue in the bud is to literally nip it (the tree’s branch) in the bud. Having overhanging branches trimmed prevents leaves from infesting your roof, leading to some of the nasty problems mentioned above.

Talk to a pro

If you want to really make sure that your roof is well maintained for the rest of its life, speak to a professional roofer. They can inspect your roof, noticing all potential problems and giving you an effective solution for each of them. Royce Roofing, for one, are more than happy to give you advice on properly caring for your roof.

As Melbourne’s top team for roof repairs, restorations, maintenance and more, Royce Roofing are here to help you out. They’ll inspect your roof and gladly tell you what it needs to live a long, healthy life. Chat with the friendly team at Royce Roofing to learn more.