The truth is making your roof look new again isn’t so challenging. In fact, it’s very achievable and affordable, considering the added home value it provides while sparing you from the costlier process of replacing your roof altogether. The way you make your roof look new again is by calling a professional roof restoration team.

What does a roof restoration involve?

Roof restorations are possible for all types of roof: metal, concrete, terracotta, slate – you name it. The roof restoration process involves cleaning, repairing, roof tile replacing, sealing and respraying to make your roof look brand new.

  • Pressure cleaning
    First, your roofing experts will blast off any mould or fungus that’s growing on your roof. Then, they’ll treat it with a fungus prep treat which prevents the spots from growing back.
  • Repairing or replacing tiles
    It’s not unusual for tiles to crack or become broken over the years. Your roofer will replace or repair these tiles before moving onto the next step. They’ll also repoint your ridge capping if necessary, making sure the structural integrity of your roof is tip top!
  • Sealing and priming
    Before your roof is painted, it has to be sealed and primed. Your roofers will apply a roof membrane which acts as a thick film to add flexibility. This helps your roof paint adhere to the tiles without cracking, flaking or peeling.
  • Respraying
    And now, the fun part! This is where your roof will go from looking drab to fab. You’ll be able to choose from a range of chic colours in which to repaint your roof. If your roofing team use a quality coating brand like Dulux, this will come with a 15-year warranty, giving you total peace of mind.

Benefits of a roof restoration

  • Added home value – restoring your roof can add thousands of dollars of value to your home.
  • Prevents further damage – it protects your roof from structural damage.
  • Looks fantastic – you’ll come home with a smile on your face each time you see your freshly painted and restored roof.

See? Making your roof look new again is easy… we just wish we could say the same about that Limp Bizkit tattoo. If you’re in the market for a quality roof restoration, get in touch with Royce Roofing. They’re Melbourne’s maestros in roof restorations, getting your roof back up to scratch at an affordable price. Get yourself a quote from the guys at Royce Roofing today.