Most of the time, choosing the colour of something isn’t really that important. Nobody really cares what colour phone you have, or what colour shoes you’re wearing. But when we’re talking about your roof – one of the first things you see when you look at your home – choosing the right colour is the most important thing! Not only is it crucial that you think long and hard about the colour (and don’t be those people who let their kids choose it… you’ll live to regret that), you also have to go with a roof sprayer who uses a top notch paint like Dulux. Let’s go through some of the fantastic colours that the Dulux brand offers and figure out the perfect colour of roof for you.

Dulux Acratex Greys

If you love the modern, chic look of grey on your roof, then Dulux have got your covered. Their range of Dulux Acratex Greys are an ever-popular choice for contemporary homeowners, perfect for both tiled and steel roofs. These include Mid Grey, Charcoal, Light Grey and Birch, each of them available in both gloss and satin finishes.

Dulux Acratex Naturals

Bringing out the essence of leafy, green suburbs, the Dulux Acratex Naturals range is inspired by the natural world around us. These cool colours are ideal for any homeowners who are moved by nature, or simply want to use their environment to compliment their home. These naturals include Brunswick Green, Merino, Torres Blue and Rivergum, which draw upon the colours of earth, trees and water to give your home a distinctly natural look. All colours are available in gloss or satin finish.

Dulux Acratex Reds

Dulux Acratex Reds pay homage to our great, sun-scorched land. Echoing the colours of the Australian Outback landscape, these Acratex Reds look great everywhere: in quiet suburban streets, beach esplanades, hillside retreats… everywhere! Included in the Acratex Red range is Terracotta, Sienna, Mild Red and Tuscan Red.

Why choose a quality paint brand like Dulux?

When respraying or restoring your roof, it’s absolutely vital to choose a roofer who uses Dulux. It’s designed to withstand the harsh Aussie climate, protecting your roof for the years to come. With a 15-year guarantee, you can rest assured that Dulux is the real deal, and won’t flake off or discolour after a few years.

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