Your roof paint doesn’t have an easy life ahead of it. It cops a beating from 40-degree sun in summer, it cops torrential rain in winter, and it’s exposed to moss and lichen too.

No matter the quality of your paint, eventually, it will fade and need a new coat. The Aussie climate is unforgiving… just look at what it does to VS Commodores left in the sun for 25 years!

That’s why it’s so important to know what type of paint is being used on your roof if you’re booking in for a respray. Here, we discuss some of the factors that impact the duration of a painted roof, and why you should only use one specific brand of Aussie paint. Let’s get into it!

Paint quality

Paint is no different to any other product. The good-quality stuff looks great and lasts a long time, and the cheap stuff looks crap and lasts much less. The great thing about good-quality paints is that they often come with a warranty. Even if the paint flakes out before the warranty, it’ll be fully covered and replaced by the manufacturer. If you use cheap paint on your roof, it probably won’t come with a decent warranty.


How often are you getting your roof cleaned and maintained? This also impacts the lifespan of your roof paint. If you leave a freshly-painted roof to simply sit there and rot, it’s going to succumb to moss and lichen as well as the  acidity from bird droppings and leaves that have been collected there over time.

The one paint brand you should be looking for: Dulux

Dulux is the only brand of roof paint we trust. Why? It’s known for its superb quality, it’s Australian-made and it comes with a massive 15-year warranty.

Why choose Dulux paints for roof painting?

The beauty of the Dulux brand is that all of their roof paints come with a 15-year warranty. This doesn’t mean that they only last 15 years – it means that, most of the time, they’ll last considerably longer. Some homes have coats of Dulux that are over 25 years old and still look great, considering the high exposure to extreme UV rays over the years.

The Dulux guarantee is that your roof paint won’t peel, flake or blister within 15 years of applying it. On the off-chance that you do experience flaking or peeling within 15 years, then Dulux will provide you with paint, free-of-charge, to apply to the affected areas.

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