Got a roof that’s lost its form over the years? Used to be the pride of the whole street, but now it’s becoming a slight eyesore?

Don’t stress – if its structure is good, it probably just needs a fresh coat of paint! Something we get asked a lot about is the number of coats a roof needs when you’re doing a respray. And it’s a great question to ask – because not knowing the answer could really stuff things up.

Let’s ask the gurus at Royce Roofing about roof painting and find out how many coats of paint your roof needs:

The gold standard formula

The gold standard formula for painting a roof is 1 coat of primer and at least 2 coats of paint. When you’re using high-quality brands of primer and paint, like Dulux (which is what we exclusively use at Royce Roofing), this formula is bulletproof for almost every roof material for every home in Melbourne.

Misconceptions about the number of coats

There are a few myths about roof paint which you should probably know:

  • The more coats of paint, the better
    While this may be true to some extent, more coats of paint don’t always equate to a better paint job. For example, 4 coats of poor-quality paint isn’t better than 2 coats of high-quality paint. In fact, this would just cost you more in labour, as your roof painters have to do double the work for a lesser-quality result.It’s better to choose a high-quality, reliable paint manufacturer and apply less coats than it is to add more coats of inferior quality paint.
  • Primer quality doesn’t matter
    If you’ve ever heard a roof painter say that ‘primer quality doesn’t really matter’, you can immediately rule them out for your next roof painting job. Primer quality is among the most important aspects of painting a roof. Your primer is the foundation upon which your coats of paint are based. If it’s no good, the paint job won’t be any good either!

Why we only use Dulux roof paint:

Royce Roofing have been in the roofing game for a long time. We’ve tried dozens of different roof paints, but Dulux always comes out on top. Dulux is Australian-made, it guarantees superior results, and it also comes with a 15-year warranty. We love to see manufacturers with so much confidence in their products and Dulux is the perfect example.

Royce Roofing always uses the gold standard formula for roof paint on every roof respray in Melbourne. We’re Melbourne’s best team of roofers for roof painting, also offering re-bedding and repointing, tile replacements, valley iron replacements, gutter work, roof restorations, roof replacements and more. Royce Roofing have over 300 years’ combined experience in the field, so there’s absolutely nothing we can’t do. Get in touch with the legends at Royce Roofing for a competitively priced job of the highest quality.