It’s a drizzly Saturday. Dark grey clouds everywhere. There goes your golfing plans. You burnt your toast this morning, you ran out of milk and forgot you’ve got your daughter’s ballet recital this afternoon. Things are going just great.

To make them even better, you feel some sort of droplet as you’re sitting on the couch watching some B-grade Netflix doco. You feel another. And another. Surprise: your roof is leaking.

Roof leaks can make a bad day worse, that’s no secret. So if you’re worried about roof leaks, or you’ve got a roof leak and can’t figure out where it’s coming from, where are the most common places for it to happen?

Let’s ask the legends at Royce Roofing about the most common places for roof leaks:


If you love nothing more than a roaring fire in the middle of winter, then you’d probably hate nothing more than to see your fireplace being leaked on. Your chimney is one of the most common places to experience a roof leak. This mainly happens due to damaged or cracked flashing, which is the thin metal stripping that seals the gap between the chimney and roof. When this stripping fails, it exposes your roof to leaks. Contact Royce Roofing if you want to get your chimney flashing checked so that your precious pot belly oven doesn’t have to get wet!

Windows and skylights

Another area of weakness for leaks is around your windows and skylights. The reason your windows and skylights are prone to leaks is the same reason for your chimney; they’re sealed off with flashing and caulk, which can be compromised by the elements over time. Skylights are particularly renowned for leaks, sadly because they’re all-too-often installed improperly.

Air vents

Air vents are great at keeping your roof cavity nice and cool in summer, reducing the risk of mould by keeping a steady air-flow. But they’re also a weak point for leaks to penetrate your roof. You might be able to spot a leak coming from your air vent if the leak is located underneath your air vent, or if you see damp patches on your ceiling.

Missing roof tiles

If one of your roof tiles has come loose or fallen off, it exposes the area to a leak. Roof tiles divert rainwater away from your roof, so if one is missing, the area is susceptible to leaking.

If you’ve got a roof leak, it’s a good idea to get on top of it early before it causes more damage. Melbourne’s finest team of roofers are at your service, offering leak fixing, re-bedding and repointing, tile replacements, valley iron replacements, gutter work, roof restorations, roof replacements and more. Royce Roofing have over 300 years’ combined experience in the field, so there’s absolutely nothing we can’t do. Get in touch with the legends at Royce Roofing for a competitively priced job of the highest quality.