Roofs come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes: big ones, small ones, steep ones, flat ones – almost every roof is different.

But it might surprise you that there are really only a handful of roof types in Australia, with 4 main types of roof being the most common.

Let’s go into detail on these roof styles to help you out if you’re thinking of replacing your roof, or considering which roof style to use on your home that’s yet to be built.

  1. Gable roof
    The humble gable roof. Simple, sturdy, unpretentious. Gable roofs have two sloping sides which come together at the top, creating a ridge. There’s nothing fancy or particularly ornate about gable roofs, but that’s where their beauty lies. They provide excellent drainage while causing you minimal fuss in terms of repair and maintenance. They’re also super resistant to high winds – more so than other types of roof, because of their sturdy design.However, that doesn’t make them indestructible, and severe weather conditions can still damage a gable roof if it’s improperly maintained.
  1. Hip roof
    Similar to a gable roof, a hip roof is simple and sturdy. Instead of having two sloping sides, like the gable roof does, the hip roof usually has four sides which come together at the ridge, forming a pyramid shape. Hip roofs are similarly sturdy and offer excellent draining, but they require slightly more time and resources to construct, making them more expensive than gable roofs. That being said, many homeowners find hip roofs more aesthetically pleasing than gable roofs, and it’s true that a hip roof can often boost home value.
  1. Mansard roof
    Commonly found on character homes, the mansard roof is characterised by four sloping sides which come together at the top – either in a pointed ridge, or a flat plateau which allows for more space or an extra story on top. Mansard roofs are a staple in 16th Century French architecture, and they remain the most commonly used roof in French cities like Paris. Melbourne character homes often feature a variation of the Mansard roof, and there’s no denying they’re one of the most beautiful roof designs.
  1. Flat roof
    Flat roofs have been around for thousands of years, particularly in areas with arid climates, like the Middle East. But flat roofs can also be perfect for houses in Melbourne, too, adding a possible garden or entertainment area to your home. However, flat roofs need to be excellently designed and finished. Otherwise, drainage issues can ensue.

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