Let’s say you’re a millionaire and can afford a pair of RM Williams boots without taking out a mortgage on your house. One day, after leaving your home in Toorak, you notice that one of your RMs has a small hole in it. You could simply throw them away and buy a new pair: you’re a millionaire in this hypothetical situation after all. Or you could do the smart thing and simply repair the boot with the small hole.

This repair would cost a lot less than replacing your expensive boots. We like to think the same about roof repairs. You wouldn’t conduct an entire roof restoration if only one or two roof tiles needed replacing. You’d simply replace the ones that were out-of-action. But how much does this cost? It depends on a few things, like what kind of tiles you have, how difficult they are to attain and how difficult the job is. Let’s delve deeper below.

Type of roof tile

Different types of roof tiles have different costs, so it’s important to consider when replacing a single roof tile. Slate tiles are the most expensive due to their superior durability and efficiency. Replacing a slate tile will be the most expensive, followed by terracotta. Terracotta is another durable and desirable roof tile, hence why they’re an expensive material to replace. Concrete is the least expensive tile to replace and is the most common.

How common are your roof tiles?

If your roof tile is a very common kind, you’ll find it will be cheaper to replace a single one. This is because most tile yards should have them, and it won’t require time or effort to track down. If, however, your roof tiles are imported from one particular factory in the mountains of Northern Italy and they’ve been blessed by the Pope with holy water, then it’s fair to say it’ll cost you a little bit more to replace.

Travel and set up time

You’ll find that it’s kind of expensive to call a roofing company to your place just to replace a single roof tile. Your roofers have to travel to your house and set up their equipment just for one tile replacement, and much of the cost can be found in travel and set up time. Therefore, it may be more cost-effective to give your roof a bit of extra maintenance while they’re there. Think about an inspection, roof-clean, gutter maintenance or other tasks that haven’t been performed in a while.

We hope this helps you figure out how much it costs to replace a single roof tile. At the end of the day, tiles are important, and they need replacing regardless of cost – otherwise, you’ll face greater problems like leaks and subsequent ceiling damage. If you need a top-notch roofing service, call up the team at Royce Roofing. They’re an experienced and professional team of roofers who specialise in all sorts of roof maintenance and repair. Grab a quote from the friendly bunch at Royce Roofing today.