Replacing broken roof tiles is a part of every roofer’s job. Over time, roof tiles can become damaged due to extreme heat, the effects of hail or interference from animals like possums and those magpies which your neighbour refuses to stop feeding. But, because it’s not something you pay for every day, you might be wondering how much it costs to replace a broken roof tile. The answer depends on a few factors. What kind of roof tiles do you have? How accessible are they? How many needs replacing? How difficult is it to access your roof? We’ll discuss these factors below to try and work out how much it will cost to replace your broken roof tiles.

Slate, terracotta or concrete?

The first thing to consider is what kind of roof tiles you have because different types of roof tiles have different costs. Slate tiles are the crème de la crème of roof tiles and are thus the most expensive. Their durability is unmatched, lasting up to 100 years or even more with the right maintenance. Replacing a slate tile will be the most expensive, followed by terracotta. These clay tiles are durable, lasting from 50 to 100 years depending on the quality. Concrete tiles are the most common and least expensive.

Common or rare?

Also, consider how common or rare your tiles are. Common tiles can be found at most tile yards and won’t require time or effort to track down. If, however, your roof tiles are imported, rare or aren’t made anymore, then it’s fair to say it’ll cost you a little bit more to replace.

Access to your roof

Some roofs can be very tricky to work on. Say if a bunch of trees are obstructing access to your roof, and extra safety measures have to be taken when accessing the roof. This will take a bit longer to organise and will add to the cost of replacing your broken roof tiles. The same goes for roofs that are pitched particularly steep. These roofs take longer to work on and could increase the price of the job.

Regardless of how much your roof tiles cost to replace, it’s a job that has to be done. Neglecting your roof will only lead to bigger problems down the track, like ceiling damage. For broken tile replacement, call up the expert team at Royce Roofing. They’re an experienced and professional team of roofers who specialise in all sorts of roof maintenance and repair. They can track down your tiles and use their large tile yard to source them, lowering the cost of your overall job. Grab a quote from the friendly bunch at Royce Roofing today.