When you buy things second hand, you can feel good for a number of reasons. First of all, they tend to be a lot cheaper than if you were to buy them new. It’s great for the environment – you’re saving a used product from going to landfill. Roof tiles are a perfect example of something you can buy second hand which will come with a range of benefits. But how much cheaper are they than new roof tiles? Let’s delve further into the question of how much second-hand roof tiles cost.

They stack up well against new ones

If you buy from the right place, second-hand tiles are just as good as new ones. Depending on how long they were in use and how good their condition is, second-hand tiles can provide years and years of reliable use. However, it’s important to buy from an official second-hand tile retailer, rather than a single bloke on the internet. While the suspiciously low price may be tempting for these kinds of operators, it’s simply not worth the risk. These unofficial sellers don’t have the resources or years of experience behind them to provide quality, long-lasting second-hand tiles. A professional roofing business, on the other hand, ticks that box.

Good for the environment

Choosing used roof tiles is the environmentally friendly way to go. When you reuse second-hand roof tiles, you give them a new life, save them from landfill and spare some of the earth’s resources. How good is this? You’re doing something great for the environment as well as saving a bit of coin at the same time.

They’re cheaper

And finally, possibly the main reason to love second-hand roof tiles is because they’re more affordable than new ones. If you need to replace a few broken roof tiles, and you opt for second-hand ones, they can be considerably cheaper than a set of new ones besides its very hard to match existing tiles with new.

An experienced retailer of second-hand roof tiles like Royce Roofing, for example, will be able to sell these roof tiles at an incredibly affordable price. Depending on the roof tile, Royce Roofing sell second-hand tiles as low as $1.50 per tile, proving to be a super cost-effective way of buying roof tiles.

Second-hand roof tiles have a number of benefits, so it’s time you start enjoying them! If you’re in the market for quality used roof tiles, speak to the team at Royce Roofing. They’re one of Melbourne’s most trusted stockists of second-hand roof tiles, showcasing a tile yard of over 200,000 tiles. On top of this, they’re experts in restorations, tile resprays and lots of other roof services. Call up the friendly team at Royce Roofing for a quote today.