Most roofs have a certain lifespan, The longer you leave your roof without maintenance as a rule of thumb usually the more it costs much like your car not getting serviced,

So, what do you need to know about restoring a roof on an old or neglected home? Here, the roof gurus at Royce Roofing explain.

What is a roof restoration?

A roof restoration is a full-scale renovation of your roof. It involves everything from cleaning to leak repair. It can start with a high-pressure clean to get your tiles back to their original look, before conducting repairs, followed by looking at the ridge capping and gutters, and finally a fresh roof respray will have your roof looking brand new.

Why is it important for aging and neglected properties?

Aging, neglected properties can take a bunch benefits from a roof restoration:

  • Further damage prevention
    The roof is one of the most important parts of the home. It defends the home from rain and wind, and prevents bigger structural damage from occurring. A roof restoration is a great place to start if you want to minimise the risk of damage to an already aging home.
  • Increased property value
    If you’re looking to sell your aging or neglected property, then you can gain added property value from doing a roof restoration. It gives your home’s façade a facelift while symbolising care and thorough maintenance of the home.

What special considerations need to be taken when restoring a roof on an old or neglected home?

Restoring an aging, neglected roof requires some extra consideration. Dealing with a roof that isn’t as structurally sound as a new one

  • Careful planning
    A roof restoration is an operation; it needs to be planned, assessed and carried out in the correct way. While every roof restoration needs to be carefully planned, it’s especially important for aging and neglected homes.
  • An experienced team
    Higher-risk roof restorations like these require an experienced team who have conducted restorative work on aging, neglected homes in the past. Hiring an inexperienced team could cost you big time if the job isn’t done properly.
  • Safety precautions
    Slippery, cracked roof tiles, rickety support beams, rusty gutters – aging roofs can present numerous hazards, which is why extra safety precautions are required.

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