When someone is looking to purchase your home external appearance plays a big part, It’s the first step is possible buyers assessing if this property is in good condition or if it’s going to cost them more money to get to a maintainable level, If signs of leaks or water ingress are present it’s enough to send a possible buyer in the opposite direction!

How does a roof restoration boost property value?

Roof restorations have one single benefit to your property value: they make it go up! So, how can a roof restoration add so much value to a property before it goes on the market?

  • Curb appeal and improved façade
    The roof, for most homes, is one of the first visible features when standing on the street. If it’s in poor condition, a potential buyer will be able to tell straight away, and it can really weigh down the rest of the façade. A roof restoration gives your home a total facelift – a good one, that is… not the ones that make people’s faces look all plastic and botched.
  • Signifies care level of the property
    A picture says a thousand words. And if your buyers have the picture of a dilapidated, old roof in their minds, then at least two of their words will be ‘stuff that’. A shabby roof is a red flag to many people. It begs the question, ‘Well, if the roof isn’t in good nick, what else is wrong with this place?!’, even if your property is in absolutely A1 condition in all other ways. Roof restoration add value to your property as it symbolises care and thorough maintenance of the home.
  • Prevents structural problems
    Ever heard of Murphy’s Law? Of course you have. It’s when you own a car for 20 years, it’s never given you a problem and then, on the day you go to sell it, it breaks down in front of your potential buyer.The same thing can happen with a roof. It may have been functioning fine for 20 years but, when you put it on the market, you find a leak! A roof restoration takes care of internal roofing problems as well as cosmetic ones, adding property value by a mile.

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