As soon as you hear the words ‘repair bill’, as a homeowner, you start thinking facts and figures. Numbers are literally racing through your mind like Daniel Ricciardo at the Circuit de Monaco. And just like the Aussie race-car driver with the world’s best smile, you’ll simply crash out if you overanalyse everything and don’t stay on track! That’s why it’s best to leave the facts, figures, twists and turns to the experts – like Daniel Ricciardo, or the pros at Royce Roofing… depending on what field we’re talking about.

But we can certainly help you out with gaining a rough idea of how roofers charge for their work. Let’s take a look at some of the influencing factors when you suspect you need roof repairs:

Extent of the repair

First up, what kind of repair are we looking at? A couple of broken tiles and maybe a gutter patch-up, or a full-scale roof replacement on a 100-year-old roof (trust us, we’ve seen them). The extent of the repair is definitely the most significant factor that influences the bill. For small repairs or high-pressure clean, you could be looking at a couple hundred; for roof restorations and replacements, you can expect to pay a little more.

Commercial or residential?

Commercial and residential roof repairs are two very different ball games. Let’s look at residential roof repair as softball. It’s softer; there are less square metres to deal with, and fewer considerations like industrial HVAC units. Commercial roof repair, on the other hand, is baseball. There’s basically just a fair bit more to do, it takes longer and therefore costs more.

Size of the roof

How big is she? The more roof we have to work with, the longer it’s going to take – which in turn influences the final repair bill. Of course, size isn’t as significant as a factor as the type of repair that needs doing.

Materials we’re working with

You put top quality roof materials on your home for a reason. But – they come with a price. The better quality your roof materials, the more you can expect to pay for repairs. Slate tiles, for example, are pricier to replace than your standard concrete ones, but we both know it’s worth it.

Who you choose for the job

And of course, you’ll always have a couple wind-up merchants (literal merchants) who try to put a bit of mayo on the quote, when other, more honest teams will do a better job for a better price. Don’t go with a wind-up merchant; go with a team of legends like Royce Roofing!

Royce Roofing are your team of choice for all roof repairs. Their aim? Provide Melbourne with the best roof repairs for the best prices. With a specialist division of roof repairers, their team boasts over 300 years of combined experience. Quality repairs and quality quotes is what Royce Roofing are all about, so just ring the team to learn more.