It can be tough to find easy, affordable ways to do your bit for the environment. Buying a Tesla? Not everybody has that kind of money lying around. But having us source recycled tiles and repair rather than replace can yield great benefits.

But if your roof is looking a little weathered and needs some TLC, one thing that’s good for your wallet and the environment is choosing a roof restoration, rather than a roof replacement.

Here, we take a look at some interesting points about roof restoration and why they come with some environmental benefits… so you can throw that vegan cookbook in the bin where it belongs! (Kidding).

You’re essentially recycling your current tiles

A roof restoration is kind of like recycling your current tiles. Instead of getting brand new ones, you’re taking the tiles you’ve already got and giving them new life. Most roof tiles just need a bit of a touch up and a respray and they’re just as effective as they were when new.

You’re sparing new resources from being used

By saving and recycling your current tiles, you’re using less of the Earth’s resources. Roof tiles are made of concrete, terracotta, asphalt or slate, which are all resources that come from the earth. The cement industry, for example, contributes to around 8% of global carbon emissions – a huge contributor to greenhouses gases and climate change. When you restore your roof, rather than replace it with new tiles, you’re helping to spare more resources from being used, and more emissions from being released into the atmosphere.

You’re saving your tiles from going into landfill

Contributing to landfill is another thing to consider when replacing, rather than restoring, your roof. Most roofing companies do the right thing and try to recycle old tiles as much as possible – but there are still some roofers out there who simply dump tiles into landfill when they’re of no use! By restoring your roof, you’re helping the environment by minimising landfill.

You’re reducing transportation and carbon emissions

Trucks contribute a lot of carbon emissions when compared with cars. To remove all your roof tiles and replace them with new ones, at least one or two trucks are required to transport the heavy load. Roof restorations don’t require trucks, and therefore save carbon emissions.

You can reduce your energy usage

And on top of this, restoring your roof can make it more effective at retaining the heat or the cool from your HVAC unit, causing it to work less hard. This spares your wallet and carbon emissions, too!

Forget about the Beyond Burger in the freezer and treat yourself to steak tonight – you deserve it after making such a positive impact on the environment by choosing a roof restoration! Get in touch with Royce Roofing for the best roof restoration in Melbourne. Royce Roofing have over 300 years’ combined experience in the field, so there’s absolutely nothing they can’t do. Get in touch with the legends at Royce Roofing for a competitively priced job of the highest quality.