The oldest documented living person on Earth was Jeanne Calment, who lived to 122 years old. When asked about her secret to a long life, she said she rubbed olive oil on her skin every single morning.

Now, we’re not suggesting you climb your roof and start rubbing olive oil into your roof tiles – that’d be both expensive and kind of useless.

But there are specific ways of maintaining your roof in order to prolong its life. Here, the experts at Royce Roofing tell us why it’s important to regularly maintain your roof for longevity.

Why regular roof maintenance is important for longevity

Here’s why you should focus on regular maintenance if you want roof longevity:

  • Prevention. Prevention of roof problems is better than the cure, and regular roof inspections and maintenance helps to achieve this.
  • Fast diagnosis. If there are problems starting to occur with your roof, routine maintenance will allow your roofer to pick them up quickly.
  • Treatment. The faster you treat your roof problems, the quicker and cheaper they’ll be to fix.

Most important maintenance to carry out regularly for roof longevity:

  • Gutter check
    Gutters aren’t just there to look pretty. They divert rainwater from your roof to your water tank or the sewer system, preventing it from pooling up on your roof or landing on the ground and seeping into your foundation. Foundation repairs like this can end up costing thousands, so checking and cleaning your gutters isn’t just a smart move for the longevity of your roof.
  • Roof clean
    Calling a roofing expert to perform a high pressure clean on your roof is one way to prolong the life of your roof tiles. This will remove moss and lichen which can stain and eat into your roof tiles if not taken care of regularly.
  • Repair broken tiles
    If you’ve got a few too many broken roof tiles, you’ll want to repair or replace them to extend the life of your roof. Cracked roof tiles can lead to roof leaks and other deterioration, cutting down the life of your roof and costing you more money in repairs. A good way to prevent this is to repair or replace any weak links in broken tiles. This way, water can’t get trapped under your tiles and cause leaks.
  • Roof restoration
    If you want to add extra life to your roof, then a roof restoration may be the best option for you. This is performed when your roof isn’t quite in tip top condition and you want to restore it back to its former glory. A roof restoration will include thorough cleaning, repairs, tile replacements, possibly repointing and a respray. Afterwards, your roof will be in its best form to fight the elements, protecting your home in the years to come.

Royce Roofing are your first choice team for regular roof maintenance, helping you prolong the life of your roof. Get in touch with the team and grab a quote today.