They say you don’t need much in life: food, water and a roof over your head! Notice how your roof is the third most important thing after food and water? Yep, you’d be pretty stuffed without it.

Given the importance of roofing, you want your roof to be built to last. Durability is one of the main things we look for in a roofing material, extending the life of your roof as long as possible.

So what kind of roofing materials offer that long-term durability we’re talking about? Here, we ask the legends at Royce Roofing about the top roofing materials for longevity.

Slate tiles

Somebody give King Charles a pen and paper; he’s about to write somebody a letter for their 100th birthday. Whom, you ask? Your slate roof tiles! Slate tiles are the longest lasting tile on the market, and it’s not unusual for them to last over 100 years or more, provided they receive the right maintenance – which, to be fair, isn’t that much. Slate has always been a sought-after material for roofing due to its durability and its fantastic look on your home. It’s a natural stone, so slate is much more resistant to deterioration and the extreme Aussie climate.

Terracotta tiles

Originating from the Latin words of ‘baked earth, terracotta roof tiles are also a popular choice of tile around the world. They’re strong, durable and they simply look fantastic. The heavy weight of terracotta means that they’re less likely to give way to strong winds and they’re also suitable for coastal environments. All over the Mediterranean, you’ll see beautiful terracotta tiles which are the perfect material for super-hot coastal weather. The conditions of your environment will impact the lifespan of your terracotta tiles. The Aussie climate can be pretty harsh, but clay tiles still last well over 50 years here. They can even last up to 100 years with the right maintenance.

Concrete tiles

You’ll find concrete roof tiles used all around the world, known for their moderate pricing and long-term durability. Concrete is a strong and durable material but it’s also affordable and accessible, leading many home builders to choose concrete as their roof tile material. Concrete roof tiles are also energy efficient due to their density, helping to keep the temperature consistent in your home. Concrete tiles last a long time with proper maintenance – usually over 50 years.

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