Second-hand roof tiles are a great option for a number of reasons. Used terracotta roof tiles, in particular, can be perfect as roof tile replacements. They’re durable, meaning they’re likely to give you many more years of use if they’ve been kept in good condition. They’re widely available too, so you shouldn’t have to spend ages tracking down a suitable terracotta roof tile for your roof. It’s also a more environmentally friendly way of buying roof tiles because you’re giving old products a new life. Let’s go through some benefits of buying used terracotta roof tiles and discuss the best place to buy them from.


Terracotta is an incredibly durable material. Good terracotta tiles can last up to 100 years if maintained properly. This means you’ll have years of use left in your used terracotta roof tiles and you’ll save yourself a considerable amount of money at the same time.

They’re cheaper

Used terracotta tiles are cheaper than buying new ones. It makes sense to save yourself money on small jobs like tile replacements. Used tiles perform the exact same job, without costing you like new ones may do.

They’re widely available

Any good tile yard should have a wide range of used terracotta roof tiles. This is possibly one of the best perks of used terracotta tiles. As terracotta is one of the most common roof tile materials, it’s usually not too difficult to track down the same tile for your specific job. Nobody wants to spend ages and ages looking for the right tile. With terracotta tiles, you should just be able to head to a tile yard and take your pick.

They’re environmentally friendly

Used terracotta roof tiles are an environmentally friendly option. You’re giving an old product a new life and sparing it from landfill – something that happens all too often, even when used roof tiles are perfectly functional. You’re also sparing some of the Earth’s resources.

Where to buy them from

You’ll probably see ads on Gumtree for used terracotta tiles, but we’d advise you to stay clear of buying tiles from any Joe Blow. Gumtree sellers don’t have the credibility when it comes to selling tiles – unlike roofing businesses, who have proper tile yards and have been selling quality products for a number of years. Tile yards also have a bigger variety of tiles, so you’ll be sure to find the right tiles for you.

So, now you can see why we highly recommend used terracotta roof tiles as an alternative to new ones. Royce Roofing are your go-to business for used terracotta roof tiles. They have a massive tile yard of over 250 pallets, so it’s pretty likely you’ll find what you’re looking for. Pop into Royce Roofing’s Mulgrave tile yard today and check out their huge range of used terracotta roof tiles.